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Friday, December 02, 2011

Pasar Tong Tong CiWalk

Like I said on my prev post, I took some snaps while me and my family dining out at a resto with a unique concept called Pasar Tong Tong which located at  Cihampelas Walk or CiWalk.

CiWalk it self definitely a must visit if you like shopping or eating with nature atmosphere. Its very interesting and surely fun to take culinary treat at this one of a hot spot hang out in Bandung I recommend to visit but I better talk more about it on separate post.

So lets back to our topic, shall we.

First the Resto name as it bugs me a lot haha. Was it it just me or this word Tong Tong that just sounds funny LOL coz I always scratching my head a bit when I spelled it LOL.. I mean Tong Tong. ..what on earth someone would pick that name for a resto. You might wonder why too although some of you from Holland prob already familiar with that name.

I read this on their menu also on other source I found on the net tho.

The Tong Tong fair formerly known as Pasar Malam Besar is the larger festival in the world for Indo ( European-Indonesia ) culture held annually in Netherlands. It is one of the oldest festival, establish in 1959 and according to my source also, it is the fourth largest grand fair in the Netherlands. This Festival renamed to " Tong Tong Fair" in 2009. Since 1993 this festival consistently attract more than 100,000 visitors. This event's mission is to celebrate,preserve, and develop Indo culture at large and herewith serves the historical purpose of major festival everywhere.
I guess the spirit of this unique Eurasian is what Pasar Tong Tong CiWalk wants to carried on their concept from its interior to its menu. hm

Pasar Tong Tong CiWalk has two floor. The interior isn't bad. quite cozy especially  if you could get a seat at the balcony on the second floor, I will not wonder if you stay for hours enjoying the view from it while you enjoying your food, They also provide free Wi-Fi and free magazine you can read which can be found also on second floor.

On the first floor, you can found some warung/ cafe that sells various authentic Indonesian foods, especially snacks that you might hard to find these days. Prices at this resto is quite friendly- I think this is what attract people to come to this place again and again besides the unique atmosphere from the past they offered.

I didn't try all the foods of course and honestly I have to give C for the grilled duck I ordered.

I don't think they know how to cook it.  When I ate it, the meat is tough.. I don't think they cooked it long enough and also I think they don't know the technique to make duck's meat tender. Also its too salty. I can go on and on with this really. So not yummy. I should give it a D instead. Same case with the grilled ribs my brothers and my sister ordered.

so not appealing and frankly when it first arrived at our table, I said to my sister that doesn't looks like ribs. to me :P

Sowry but I tasted it and I didn't like the taste, I dunno what ingredients the put in it LOL. Smh.

My brother in law order fried chicken and he looked like he enjoyed it , I forgot to ask but he not picky with food like me tho so maybe, maaay be it tasted yum.  I also tasted my sister in law's Kwie tiaw she ordered and well... I don't have anything to say about it, just average and she didn't finish it either.

This is Blackcurrant yogurt I ordered. Sorry I almost forgot to snapped it but it looked  pretty before I drink it. This is the only one I didn't regret to order. Its a liiiiittle bit too sweet for me tho but I could stand with it. I just thought  Yogurt will taste better if it was a little bit more sour than the one I ordered here. Just sayin'

Well that's my personal opinion, I'd still recommend this resto anyway, why not? How they cook the food I mention can be improved and there's many other food you can order on their menu- long list of it. I like to thumb up the staff at this resto, they are polite and quick.

                                serabi kinca image courtesy of surgamakan

Over all, well.. I would come again to this resto for their Blackcurrant yogurt and maybe also would try their serabi kinca like in the picture shown above- I know how serabi taste but I heard the one from Pasar Tong Tong is yummy or maybe their roti bakar ( toast bread) sorry no image.

Well that it from me now, bye bye and stay tune for more update!



  1. Hi my dear Dita!!! Very interesting resto indeed. We bought tickets to Bandung early this year but unfortunately I couldn't make it. The flight is supposed to be next week. Hu!Hu! Most probably only hubby and son will fly to Bandung. Miss Bandung food so much! Would love to try Blackcurrant yoghurt!

  2. Hello Sweetie Asmah, Just catching up here. Ohw sorry you couldn't make it to come to Bandung again this year. I guess it's father and son time things hehehehe. I hope they will have great time in Bandung together. Oh yea, you should try their Blackcurrant yogurt when you could come to visit Bandung again.I've been busy with work and haven't check your updates but I will. Hope all well with u and ur family. Take care!^^


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