My personal journal blog is a little bit of this and a little bit of that which I love to share with you all here- trough pictures, summaries, articles and videos.

Don't hesitate to leave comment, follow my blog or grab my blog button and when you do, let me know so I can return back your favor.

It is awesome to connect with anyone in any part of the world so sit back and I hope you enjoy your stay here and come back again for more.

Thank You

Welcome to Mignonesia


Mignonesia is my personal journal blog.
It is my first blog which I started coincidentally after I bought a new mobile phone that allows me to share and send pictures to blog.

At its first launch- one day on Mei 2008, my blog desn't even has a name because I was so blank about the world of blogging. Until one day I got my very first follower- A model, all the way from Turkey and that's was my AHA moment.

Like a kid found a new toy, I decided to start my adventure on blog sphere.
I then named my blog MIGNONESIA and never regret it!
I so love the word, I even decided to use it as label  for my own clothing line.

The word of Mignonesia was comes from one of my favorite word in French: Mignon which means Cute in English, and since I come from Indonesia which located in Asia so I short the word and added it together and viola, Cute Indo/Asia or in my own word, MIGNONESIA

Everyday there's a lot of thing floating on my head- you can say my mind is one of my favorite place hehehe,
I keep some for myself and share the rest with the world and with you all here.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that
I think is the best way to describe my personal journal blog.

Blogging will always be a part of my life. It is my playground on the net. A tool for me to communicate to the world and to connect with people in any part of the world.

When I know people visit my blog, either they reading my posts, leaving comment, decide to  follow it, add my as to their favorite blog or just stalking my blog,
it always make my day!

 You might find many "Nesia" on the net now but there's only one Mignonesia  and this is the real & the official MIGNONESIA since 2008.

so thank you everyone and to you for taking time reading it to the end:)