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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hellooooooooooooooooooooo everyone!!!

Can't believe this week is the first week of December. How time flies!
I have to admit that this year is not really the best year for me. So many things undone or got delayed and I still cleaning up the mess but I still had some fun here and there, I guess that's what most important and I thankful for everything that happened this year coz this way, I know what I really want next year and even more than that, I am glad I finished my Movember with a sweet memory too!

Last weekend, me and my family spent the whole week together. It was a wonderful wonderful meeting. I am glad my family and I could finally found a perfect time to spend some quality time together again after months not able to see each other. Each of us lives in different cities now so we can't meet as much as we want too. Not only because the distance but also our time not always allows it with work etc.
One of the best part of my family gathering was that I could meet my two adorable nieces again. I am always happy to meet them and always miss them again when they are away, especially my first niece coz she the one who lives in other city. I meet my second niece quite often but can't get enough of her either, always miss her too!

Here's why......,

                    My first niece Salma or Sal. We love her brunette curly hair.
                                             First curly hair in family. ♥
              My second niece Aurelia or Cici Au. Yep. that's my pet name for her.♥

Both are angel. I ♥ them. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Anyway, we first went to our aunt's son wedding party on Saturday. It was a great party. I meet my relatives from my dad's side and I like the garden party concept the couple choosed for the reception. It's raining season in Bandung and there's no day without rain or cloudy sky now but amazingly sun shine so brightly that day- I guest the new couple are truly blessed. Congrats!

I enjoyed the party as well; the band was not bad, the foods are yummy- am glad they served Zupa-Zupa too haha, see what I mean?! :D

We rushed went back home after the party. All of us want to get some rest especially my two little nieces as we wanted to dining out that evening too so we save our energy for it.

Diner time and as we planned, we went to Cihampelas Walk or Ciwalk - it was my brother's idea. He said he tried this restaurant with his friends before and he liked their foods etc so we just trust him and Ameen it.

We tried to leave the house and heading to Cihampelas street where Ciwalk is located, as early as we could. We didn't wish to get stucked in the traffic jam- we brought two babies, it was weekend and Bandung's traffic always hectic on weekends.
My sister's hubby drove the car- hats off coz he drove well even he was tired driving and lacked of sleeping too.
We thought we would save from traffic jam but we were wrong! It took like 3 hours to get there, on normal day it will only took like 45 minute max from our place- thanks to the police who turned our way around hmmp hmmp hmmp.
We get bored waiting in the car when the traffic seemed not moving at all and not to mention, our stomach were rumbling LOL and my nieces started to make scene too. I guess they get bored more than we are and we can't blame them either so we all relieved when we finally able to reach Ciwalk at last. We arrived like at 9pm or so and just went straight to the resto my brother recommended but unfortunately most of foods we want to order on their list menu has ran out.:P
Actually, there's so many good restaurants at Ciwalk we can choose but we didn't have much energy left to look so we just went to the resto next to it called Pasar TongTong.

Yep that's me and my family. I wear my new flower print dress my brother bought me in Bali- Its funny actually. I was asking him some ethnic earrings or beaded sandals when he asked me what oleh-oleh I want and I gave him some pic just to give him the clue also you know so he get the right one I want, I thought hahaha but he said he decided to buy me that dress instead coz he taught it will looks good on me and to my surprise, Yep, I do ♥ it!!!  so my thanks goes to him. ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Dinner finished, me and my brother took some  more snaps and we just went straight back home after, all of us were sooo sleepy haha. We arrived home almost passed midnight but it was fun, Although we felt tired after got the traffic jam for hours plus there was a little drama in the parking area when we were almost got an accident. All of us were a bit panic but we remained calm and we survived, thanks God! and yes thanks to God indeed what we should do coz all feels worth when we still can be on the same table,chat and telling stories to each other and laugh together.

I am happy and enjoyed my time with my family and I know they also felt the same.  I just can't wait for more. I think that funny quote cute and true and that's how I kinda feel right now.


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