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Friday, December 09, 2011



How's your December so far? Here all fine with me. Its Rainy season in my town. I might not get the snow but I enjoy melody from nature almost everyday. I just love it and couldn't ask for more.

But you know what there is one thing I always want more and more to make my day: Laugh , Laugh  and  Laugh!

You know that saying?

"Laughing is the best medicine but if you are laughing without any reason, then you need medicine...!"

isn't that funny but true. 

Well, there's many things that can makes me laugh but and lets face the fact that you don't meet funny people who telling you or do funny things everyday either- obviously funny things not happens everyday, so what I did was browsing and browsing for anything that can makes me laugh out laud while I spent my time on the screen and yes I found  many and I start to get addicted and so itchy to share them hahahaah and I did! :P

I share them on my face book, my google+. I try not to tweet them tho hihihi or I will need a rehab!   
Actually, I was thinking  to post them here too on my Saisu Funny story, but that little voice on my head telling me nooooo- and it was the longest no I ever heard believe me and I have to agree with him /or her-I dunno it sex LOL coz I got sooo many and if I do post them here then they will dominate my whole blog post.

I am afraid my Mignonesia will no longer "little bit of this little bit of that"  but "little haha here little hihithere." We don't want that do we?! so I will just keep posting informative post- I hope, that I also love to share with you all here and I decided to just post my other addiction  on a new blog that I proudly named BISCUIT

How in the world did I get that name you asked? Hm, I own my friend from Texas  who gave me bunch of pet names a big thanks and for inspiring me with this cute word I use for my new blog as well.

I think it's not just  a cute name; when I think about it, Joke or laugh is does like snacks and who not always craving for snacks and a lot of it?  I def do! :)

And I can guarantee this snacks wont makes you fat but makes you happier and healthier. A Yee! #fingerscrossed!

Anyway, that is why I liked it and hope you will too!

So from now on, when you want some biscuit today - and many other flavor you might like too, why not get your self  a, 


See you there everyone!


PS. stay tune for more update here at Mignonesia- I still have them on my draft.

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