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Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE SUGARUSH BANDUNG, when eats meet sweets.

Hey there! :)

I come back again with another post about food. Haha. This post will be about my another personal non sponsored food/place review to be exact. 

Well what can I say, food and drink involve all five of the human senses so I guess maybe that's why I always enjoy culinary trip and I think I am lucky coz I live in Bandung, the Java's culinary capital.

Like Fashion biz, culinary biz in Bandung is tight but even the competition level is high, there's always new comer in Bandung culinary scene. Some survive, some collapse but you can always find winners eventually.

This post will discuss about the not so newbies now, SUGARUSH. Located at jalan Braga or Braga Street in English, this resto/cafe with their red trademark is easy to spot. Launched in 2012, The Sugarush Bandung has quickly become known for its sweets and cakes. 

A huge rainbow birthday cake from my brother on the same year was my my first ever experience of sweets from Sugarush-It said that It was Sugarush who first make Rainbow cake popular in town. 
Sadly I forgot to take pic of my yummy colorful bday cake. Cant blame me, my brother surprise me with it in the middle of the night when I was sleeping!

Talk about sweet, I tend to crave for sweets during the month of Ramadan- I am on my third weeks of Ramadan fasting now, but am not the only one coz serving sweets and pastries for iftar has become a tradition for muslims around the world. 

After fasting from sundown to sunup, immediately break the fast with light foods first than jump to the heavy foods is very recommended in Qur'an as its good for health and its actually one of Iftar etiquettes.

I always prefer to cook everything myself but am not always have the time. I am also not so good with cooking nor baking! haha and so when my brother was in Bandung on the first week of Ramadan, we decided to have bukbar together and Sugarush seemed our perfect choice. 

 sorry for my image qualities, had to turn off my cam's blitz to avoid hurting other costumers.

BukBar btw, is stands for BUKa BAReng, its Indonesian words, loosely translate to break fasting together. 

During Ramadan, people here would have bukbar with their family, friends, their loves one or even with the unfortunates. Its another tradition in the month of Ramadan that very popular. Bukbar can be held at home, resto or cafe or other special places. 
Bukbar in Bandung is always more fun and better tho. Why you asked? coz you have many options! just saying'. :)

Back to the op Sugarush. 
Not just their various sweets, I also like their resto. Its quite, not so big but its clean and they didn't play music when I came there which is good coz who need loud music when you eating. Better just take advantage their wi-fi instead and choose your own music on your gadget. :D

From the interior you can see its cater more to younger crowd than family.

Below is the view from our seat.

The waiters are pretty warm and friendly, the prices are average. I like most of their foods. The speed of service is reasonable, you don't have to wait too long for the foods you order.

So I decided to ordered Churros and some macarons to start my iftar. Nom nom nom. 

Who said you cant find this jewel of French pastries in Bandung? just go to Sugarush in Paris van Java. Hehehe.

These round tempting to the eye sweet maringue -like cookie with melow colors is probably the best pastry in the world. Those with food sensitivities and/or allergies can eat it coz its primarily made of made almond flour, sugar and egg whites makes macaron pronounced  mɑːkɑːrɔːn  gluten free. Well, the original macaron should. 

Unlike in the US, macaron is a star in Europe and in French in particular. I think this cookie which actually born in Italy, will soon also became a new fad in Bandung.

Even so, am not so crazy with macaron. Having diabetic gen runs in the family, I always feel oblige to watch my sugar intake to avoid getting attacked by this disease one day or when am old  #nockonwood! Well, once in while its ok tho, am not diabetic anyway. Sugarush's macaroon tastes so so in my opinion.

Anyways, here's a bit of history.

The Macaron cookie was born in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d'Orleans who became king of France in 1547 as Henry II.

The term "macaron" has the same origin as that the word "macaroni"- both mean "fine dough". The first Macarons were simple cookies, made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites.

Many towns throughout France have their own prized tale surrounding this delicacy. In Nancy, the granddaughter of Catherine de Medici was supposedly saved from starvation by eating Macarons. In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the macaron of Chef Adam regaled Louis XIV and Marie-Therese at their wedding celebration in 1660.

Only at the beginning of the 20th century did the Macaron become a "double-decker" affair. Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Laduree (Laduree pastry and salon de the, rue Royale in Paris) had the idea to fill them with a "chocolate panache" and to stick them together.

Since then, French Macaron cookies have been nationally acclaimed in France and remain the best-selling cookie in pastry retail stores.


Unlike the challenging to make macaron, this Spanish dougnuts is easy to make and Sugarush's churros is yummy! I liked their cheese yogurt dipping sauce I choose too.

This fried-dough cylindrical and yellowy-orangey pastry is so addicting, verrry danger! I could get fat with this! Serve it on breakfast or just as your snacks. Its crispy and delicious, I looove the flavor. Yummmmm!!!

My only complain at Sugarush was, I need more sauce to dipped with those Churros pls.

 Sop Buntut.

Sugarush also serves Indonesian cuisines and our next food we ordered was Sup buntut, The traditional Indonesian Oxtail soup.

Made from beef tail. Some of you might say, "Eeewww!" and refuse to eat it. Hahaha! Well, I was when my late mom first cooked it at home, both of my parents liked this soup very much. Not just my parents I guess, coz Sop Buntut is a popular dish in Indonesia, prob second to Soto.

There's many Oxtail soup versions in Asia but the flavor and richness of Indonesia oxtail soup makes it different and they portrays the charm of Indonesia.

Tails served in soup or tails grilled after they are simmered - and soup base served on the side are Indonesian oxtail soup versions, served with steamed rice and sambal.

The soup is clear but rich of beef broth with chopped of potatoes, green beans and carrots.

Sugarush oxtail soup tastes good. I could give 7.5  points out of 10.
I liked how they served them, they looks appetizing. I liked the soup very very much, it yummmy but not the sambal. Oh that green thing quickly killed the soup flavor when I added it.

The oxtails are well grilled , they are tender enough but- again, its a little bit too sweet for my taste bud.

My brother tho said, the grilled oxtail tasted fine. Viola, I guess its all depends on your taste.

The fun part was when cleaning the bones. Yea, clean the bones like its finger-food. I am just glad I had enough soup to neutralize the too sweet oxtails on my tongue. Also I am glad they served it with Emping melinjo instead of kerupuk.

Emping melinjo or gnetum gnemon chips in English is my fav. I like the slightly bitter taste of it. This a bite-size crunchy chip is made from belinjo nuts. Here, people also sell melinjo balado or spicy caramel melinjo chips, which is a yummy snacks.

There's many foods, sweets and drinks you can choose at Sugarush with price range from Idr 6000 to just idr 50.000 per portion.

Am not a big eater. I cant and dont like eating too much in one time either BUT you can go there and check them out yourself. They have all kind of pasta too which I also didn't order coz am just bored with any kinda of pasta. Seriously bored. Haha

With Breakfast, Brunch, Creperies, Diners, French food styles , The Sugarush Bandung open from
Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sun: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Well, it was raining again in Bandung...Gotta love Braga at night. Me have to go now. I am busy beyond busy and Monday is waiting! Good bye now and stay tune for update from me at Mignonesia.

Much ♥

The Sugarush Cafe&Resto
Mignonesia docs

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