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Monday, January 17, 2011


Kawah Putih is a volcano crater at the top of Month Patuha.
This hidden treasure for adventurer located at 41 kilometers south of Bandung.

I came here last weekend- 12th July 2009 with my cousin, Lusi-  second time for her and first time for me.

I took some pictures of course and love to share them with u all here. Please enjoy.:-)

This is the main gate of Kawah Putih. Ticket price to enter this place is Rp.10000,- per person.

The roadway up to the crater is approximaxly 5 kilometers of bumpy road upward to the hill top of the crater from this main entrance and not to mention big forest on each side of the road. Due to that condition, using car is more convenient and for the safety, bus is not allowed but visitors who come with travel bus can rent Angkot- a public car provided by locals. Angkot's price is Rp. 8000,- per person, max passenger for one angkot is 14 passenger. Please note, these angkot cant be rented under that number and they will charge you.

The other alternative public transportation that's available for visitors is Ojek- a nickname for public motor cycle. Ojek price is Rp.25000,- to Rp. 30000 but If u know how to bet, u can pay cheaper than that.
The ojek driver will wait for youu at the parking area near the crater till you finish enjoying Kawah Putih and he will drive you back to the main parking area near this main gate.

The worrisome road negotiated with parking area, toilets, numerous stalls that have been set up to serve visitors near the crater. Refreshments can be bought and u will find many vendors selling inexpensive strawberries also.

The temperatures is relatively cooler so u might need sweater or jacket. Best time to visit is in the morning and around 2pm, fog will start to cover the area.


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  2. Thank you, Gland you found me!:)
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  5. This is a very interesting sights. a very strategic location and beautiful. someday I want to re-visit there

  6. @ Uno. It is, isnt it. I wouldn't mind to revisit it again myself. Better bring your camera also, Kawah Putih is perfect place to get dramatic background on ur pic. ^-* and also I love the tea plantation in that are-very beautiful,like carpet if you see it from far or above- cant stop snapping them . BTW, thanks for dropping by and for the feedback, you made my day ! ^^:)


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