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Monday, December 12, 2011

Rujak Beubeug, a refreshing snack/dessert.

                                             image courtesy of http://yukez.wordpress.com

Rujak Beubeug is another variant of Indonesian fruit rujak, from West Java to be exact.

Beubeug is a Sundanese word which means punch like in this Sundanese line, "Di beubeug siah ku urang!" or in English, "I am gonna punch you!"

Andhis rujak name comes from how to make it since you have "punch" all fruit with a stone mortar. Aye, that must be hurt! :p

A non Sundanese- tongue who don't  know or can not pronounce the word correctly often called/write it Rujak Bebek (Bèbèk) or Rujak Tumbuk in Indonesian.

From all variants typical Sundanese traditional Rujak / salad I know like; Rujak Cuka, Rujak Uleg, or the "now famous" Rujak Banci or Sissy Rujak  etc, rujak Beubeug is definitely my fav after Rujak Cuka.

Made from various tropical vegetables and fruits pounded all together with its ingredients in the wooden mortar and pestle. Served in individual small portion on " pincuk " - banana leaf plate, completed with its spoon which also made from banana leaf like shown in the picture above.

Local usually bought it from traveling vendor which quite rare now, makes this Rujak Beubeug almost hard to find, that's why I always miss it! 

The first time I ate Rujak Bebeug was when I was a kid, when my mom's relative celebrating Tujuh bulanan (literally seven month)- its a prenatal ceremony held during the seventh month of a woman first pregnancy and they made Rujak Bebeug for the occasion and was served to the mother to-be and her guests, primary her female friends.

In Indonesia, among the Javanese, rujak is an essential part of the traditional prenatal ceremony.

I still remember, the fun part was when they gave us coins made from stone and we use the stone coins and everyone had to queue to "buy" Rujak beubeuk with the stone coins as the fake money from the mother to-be.

It is believe if the rujak overall tasted sweet, the unborn baby will be a girl, and if it is spicy the unborn baby is a boy.

Well I dunno if I should believe that or not hehehehe but I do remembered that the Rujak beubeug they made tasted sweet and yes, they got a baby girl. How weird is that! hahah.

I wouldn't mind to have this ceremony if I get pregnant later in the future and serve special Rujak Beubeug too but I prob have to make extra coz I can eat a lot of it!  LOL

So anyway, next time you come to Bandung, I hope you could find my fav rujak Beubeug and I guarantee, you wont regret it.  Its healthy, totally refreshing with lots of vitamins too!

If you can't find it well, maybe you should make it yourself.  I will share the recipe on my next post . I promise so do stay tune Bandung foods lover! *wink* *wink*

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