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Sunday, March 04, 2012


image: web-Peta Bandung

Hello Bandung Lover, how are you?!

I know I keep posting on my 'art & photography' but don't worry, I wont turn Mignonesia into a blog art gallery heheh and yes, I still remember my promise to you- the culinary curious-minded travelers, that is why I come back today with Bandung Authentic food parade part two.

Bandung has always had a reputation for good food, and it is still perhaps the best town in Indonesia for a gourmet to be stranded in, outside Jakarta.

In this part, we are going to talk about Jajanan Bandung.

Oh for those who not yet familiar with Bandung. Bandung is capital of West Java Island, Indonesia. The Sundanese is  the native ethnic group of the island.

Jajanan literary means snack and as you might guess, there are many of them but due to the space limit on my blog, I will just show you some of Sundanese signatures, old and authentic also popular Sundanese snacks, dishes in Bandung as they are all part of Jajanan Bandung.

Some of these foods are ubiquitous in Bandung, sold by street-hawkers to high-end restaurants, some found only in the village or traditional market but they taste most delicious. The rest maybe not not easy to find so local would usually make them self at home for their family consume.
I wish I could share the recipes but maybe next time or maybe I wont. Haha.

Anyway, lets start the topic with everyone's fav here in Bandung, noodle or Mih in Local.

Mih Baso  
image: mibasobandung

Do you like noodle? Everyone in Bandung- especially the females, loves Mih Baso and its so popular that you can find many local stall selling it including in modern fast food and restaurants.

Mih Baso can be served with sweet soy, chili -lots of chili in my case :D and some cut of celery.

Influenced by Chinese food, this egg noodle which is mixed with some sort of cooked meat, normally eaten with Bakso or Baso in Local.

That's Mie Ayam Kuah or Chicken Noodle Soup in the image above btw, and below is the dry version. I like them both. Yum!

Mie Ayam Kering/ Dry Chicken Noodle
image: flickr

Mie Ayam means Chicken Noodle. This craving Chinese influenced dish with localized version usually consist of minced chicken meat in heavy brown stock, pangsit, sosin (caisim), tahu (soybean cake). Street Hawkers commonly serves it with bright orangish sauce and the best drink to accompany it which also most loved are orange juice, avocado juice or teh botol (bottled tea)- will discuss it on part three.

Recommended: Mie Ayam Bandung Si Boy at Jalan Naripan/ Naripan street.

Baso Urat/ Bakso Urat
image: Mycitycuisine

Baso is commonly made from the mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour, however it may be also be made from other ingredients, such as chicken, fish, or shrimp.

Baso Urat like shown in images above is my fav, you might want to try it out when you visit Bandung.

Recomended: Baso Semar Cihampelas , Baso Panghegar at Jalan Holis/Holis street you might also want to try all variant baso like chesse baso, tomato baso, Baso sumsum etc, you can find them at Baso Atom at front at Gasibu, jl. Sentot alibasya /Sentot Alibasya street

image: duniasapi -basreng Kampung Baso

Speaking about baso, there's many innovation created with Baso that become popular especially among young generation also Bandung food lovers.

One of the popular one is Basreng. Basreng stands for Baso Goreng means Fried Meatball in English.

Its appetizing snack and one is never enough. Served with beef broth like shown in the picture or just with Chili peanut sauce or tomato sauce is perfect too.

They also sold in pack like in this picture below, that's famous Spicy Basreng from Ma Icih. It can burns your mouth but its Yum!


Kurupuk Pangsit/ Pangsit

Back to the to our topic. Other condiment for Mih Baso is fried pangsit or Kurupuk pangsit in Local.

Fried Pansit or pangsit goreng is a small crispy snack with some meat loaf inside. I like it.

Mih Kocok /Mie Kocok
image: flickr/setia67

Mie Kocok Bandung in Indonesia Language or Mih kocok Bandung in local. Not my fav but it is really popular and it is originated from Bandung. 

Mih Kocok literally means "Shaken Noodle", referring to the way it prepared-made by shaking the perforated ladle filled with noodle and bean sprouts into hot water to blanch it, as the noodle is already half-cooked when stored.

Mih Kocok it's a clear noodle soup which tend to have simplistic taste spectrum, consist of yellow egg noodle, bean sprouts, 'kikil' - chewy gelatinous part of cow's feet , and dressed with finely chopped celery and fried sliced shallots.

What makes it different with other kind of noodles soup is the use of beef broth instead of chicken, and inclusion of 'Kikil' as the topping.

Recomended: Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng at Jalan Banteng.

image: kulinerbandungku

Its not far from Harison Hotel and Palasari book market. Mang Dadeng or Mr. Dadeng, add about 27 kinds of spices to make his Mie kocok delicious and better taste than other Mie Kocok.

Mih goreng/ Mie Goreng
image: kulinarinavi- Mie goreng Kartikasari

Another variant of Noodle that also popular is Mih goreng, its a stir-fried noodle with vegetables, onion , garlic, fried prawn, chicken or beef, sliced of baso, chili, tomatoes, egg, acar (pickles) very yummy.

image: shelbyfood.

How do you think some of Sundanese got high cholesterol? well, its because most of them are just crazy with gorengan. Haha.

Gorengan literally means "fried stuff" is very popular finger food. You can found the vendors in almost any corners in the city or you can just cook them yourself at home like me- most of the time. Local serve them anytime as snacks even breakfast with fresh chili- a bite of the gorengan and a bite of the fresh chili and so on, yum yum.
The food might not be as healthy but it worth to try.

image: ceritasondha.

Number one gorengan for sundanese is probably Comro- stand for Oncom di jero- Sundanese, means Oncom on inside, It's fried dough made of finely shredded cassava with spicy oncom filling (find more about Oncom below).

If you like spicy food you might want to try this one of popular greasy delicacy Bandung snacks.

The combro in picture above is combro setan or the devil's combro, the name is referring to the combro's spicy level.

image: asri78

Dont like spicy foods? well you can eat Misro. Misro stands for Amis dijero (Sundanese) means Sweet on the inside and it is sweet as it also made of finely shredded cassava but with Java brown sugar filling.

Goreng Hui
image: bogordailyphoto.

Goreng hui (Sundanese) or Goreng Ubi is fried sweet Potato. Very popular also. I prefer sweet purple potatoes tho. It's so easy and qucik to make. Thick slice the sweet potatoes, dressing it with flour dough that has been given granulate sugar and pinch of salt then fried deep.

 image: truelyindonesia-carissa

Bala (Sundanese) literally means messed up. The name of bala-bala comes from how this meal consist from many chopped vegetables- usually beansprouts, shredded cabbages and carrots even squash and sliced scallion which make the batter messy when you making it then it battered and deep fried in cooking oil. A non Sundanese would call it Bakwan.

Kripik tempe
image: jalan-jalan2

Kripik oncom
image: rianhafizcorp.

Sale pisang
image: rianhafizcorp

Tempe is another form of fermented soy bean. Kripik Tempe is basically battered thin pieces of tempe and deep fried. Its typical staple food from Bandung.

Same cooking technique applied to Kripik Oncom and kripik pisang (sale).

Mostly people from outside Bandung would bring these kripiks as oleh-oleh or souvenir for friend or family back home.
Tahu Sumedang
image: wikipedia

This Fried tofu snack is originally from Sumedang-a town in West Java.

Its very popular snacks, usually people outside Bandung like to bring it also as their oleh-oleh/souvenir.

You can enjoy it with Leupeut (Sundanese). Leupeut is a compressed rice wrapped inside banana leaf, which also Sundanese authentic snacks or just serve it with fresh cayenne pepper.

Gehu Pedas
image: aininshofiawati

Gehu stands for Goreng tahu, its fried soybean cake with vegetables filling like carrot, bean sprouts, cabbage plus slices of chilli.

This snacks has been very popular among gorengan fans and now and then. The hot version-Gehu pedas has even more crazy fans in Bandung.

image: Shulhan Ramaru-kompasiana

Recommended: Gehu Hot jeletot

I dunno about you but I found the English-Sundanese mixed for their gehu brand not only catchy for Sundanese but also sounds funny, just like Sundanese typical character.

Jeletot is Sundanese term for very hurt or can be means spicy in this case; hurt or spicy like a bee sting, its like your eyes gonna falls out when you eat it, that how hot jeletot is so super duper spicy. Epic spicy gehu. :D

image: soranada

Leupeut is compacted rice with or without filling, wrapped in young coconut leaf. Vegetables, meats or oncom are commonly use for the filling. Easy to make and one of my fav too. Local usually serve it for breakfast along with gorengan.  Leupeut commonly called 'Lontong isi' by non Sundanese- which easier to spelled.

image: wikipedia

Oncom is a traditional fermented food made from nuts or beans of West Javan (Sundanese) cuisine. There are two kinds of oncom: red oncom and black oncom.

Many dishes can be made from oncom. They also cut it into thin pieces and deep fried to make a snack called krupuk or kurupuk in lokal means crackers in English or  wrapped in banana leaves and roasted to make a variation of the food known as pepes. Pepes is one of Indonesia cooking methods- wrapping the food with banana leaf before steam it.

Peuyeum Sampeu
image: flickr

Peuyeum Sampeu from Sundanese Language or Tapai in Indonesian Language is iconic Sundanese food. This traditional fermented cassava root well know as Peuyeum Bandung.

image: sepanjangjk

The Hanging Peuyeum called Raja Peuyeum which means King of Peuyeum. You can find many Peyueum seller stall like this easily along the Bandung-Jakarta Highway. Although this traditional food with special taste less popular compared to modern foods, many people are still a huge fans.

It might hard to say it but its easy to taste the unique sweet flavor of this Sundanese traditional food. It is one of Bandung iconic delicacy and its is really something special to be given to your friends or Families back home.   

Peuyeum Ketan

image: web

Another type of peuyeum from west Java is Peuyeum Ketan or Glutinous-rice Puyeum. Traditionally wrapped in guava leaves like shown in the picture. It taste sweet and sour. Everyone can make Peuyeum Ketan but Cibeureum is the famous one. Cibeureum is a region in west Java.

Back to Peuyeum Bandung,

So you bought some Peuyeum or someone who just back from Bandung gives you a basket of Peuyeum! In that case, maybe you should try to make Colenak.

Colenak stands for Dicocol Enak means delicious dip in English but why another abbreviation you ask? well, besides likes to joke around, you'll be amazed with how Sundanese likes to abbreviate words. Hehehe. 

Anyway, this typical Sundanese dessert is really easy to make. Made from grilled peuyeum with sweet coconut dipping sauce, perfect to serve with Sundanese drinks which I will post on Bandung Authentic foods parade part three.

image: bandungyeuhhh.

Recomended: Colenak Murdi at Jalan Ahmad Yani/Ahmad Yani stree. They supply it to Yogya supermarket too.


Bacang is on my fav list. I still remember, almost every morning I went to a little bakery store located just across Emmanuel Hospital on my way to work, I would stopped there to buy Bacang and also my other favorite Bakso Goreng and Kueh Soes just for my snacks at my office. Their Bacang almost looks like in the image, lots of meat inside but bigger size, yum!

Adapted from a traditional snack of Chinese society, this bacang made from ordinary rice containing minced meat and vegetables just make me craving to eat and eat them again!

image: resepkomplit

The shape resembles to pyramid. being tied tightly with a piece of wood fibers. The original name Bakcang coming from one dialect of Chinese society named Hokkien.

Daun Hanjuang/ Hanjuang leaf ( Cordyline)

Hanjuang/ Pohon Bambu/ Corayline image wikipedia

I can make Bacang actually but I have to say wrapping Bacang is the hard part. Its so much work to make it a.k.a sooo ribet in local slang so I prefer to buy it than made it myself even tho I won't find any difficulty finding daun Hanjuang/ Hanjuang leaf (Cordyline) coz I have the tree at home and should I say you cant replace the leaf with other type of leaf as Hanjuang leaf add a unique taste into it.

Putu mayang

Putu mayang also made from Sagu and difficult to find now. Served with coconut milk and Javanese palm sugar syrup. Its sweet and delicious. I remember I made this on the cooking class when I was in junior high and boy it was fun. I think some still sell them in traditional market now.

Kue Putu

This steamed cake is definitely on my fav list! and I can eat all that by myself. Haha. Made from rice flour and filled with palm sugar) in the middle of it then steamed in bamboos. The green color- again, comes from pasta made from Pandan.

Steaming putu bamboo

Making Putu

This traditional snack is usually sold in the evening by traveling vendors which quite rare now but I can tell when one past my house by the special sounds of steam from the bamboo steamer, it like sound of water's boiling in teapot. :)
Best time to eat it, is when they're still hot.

Dadar Gulung

Dadar gulung is a pandan crepes with coconut stuffing. The coconut stuffing is called 'Enten' by local, made from grated coconut and palm sugar, all cooked together with a cup of water like in the image below.

The typical of this easy to make snack, besides its green color from pandan also the perforated holes texture of the creepe. So yummy!

Kue Soes
 image: masakanandalan

This is how kue Soes  I told you about looks like. Its one of popular pastry. The one that very famous is Soes Merdeka from Merdeka bakery.

Recomended: Kue Soes Merdeka, Kedai Soes

image: asianfinestforeum

Another traditional snack but still quite popular which made from corn flour dough filled with sweet green bean paste, then poured over those sesame seeds and fried.


This traditional rice cake is my fav too. This boiled rice cake stuffed with palm sugar and grilled in grated coconut.

The green color is comes from pasta made from Pandan or dracaena plant.

Kue Ape

These cake might look like little space ships to some of you and yes its yummy and if you wonder whats inside the green knobs? its palm sugar. :)

Kueh Carabikang
image: infomakan

The Carabikang cooking process

Cara bikang is Sundanese language literally means Female way- Cara means way bikang means female/woman and it can also means A la female. The cake tastes sweet. No fillings. Made from  rice flour, coconut milk and granulated sugar.

Kueh basah
 image: flickr/lsternlich

There's still plenty traditional sweeties but because of the space limit on my blog I can't show you one by one but you already see some of them and  how they look like in above and below this image and I can recommend you places where you can find them.

You can try Kartikasari, Primarasa, also Toko Sidodadi which located at Otto Iskandardinata street.

The store is small but very well known. They been running the store since early 1960 so you can say they are senior in industry and you wont have a hard time finding it. I got a friend who is huge fan of Sidodadi.

 image : HertiKitchenGalery

Katimus is one of old Sundanese snacks made from grated cassava, coconut and brown sugar in banana leave. Its sticky and taste sweet.


Nagasari is steamed traditional rise cake. Made from rice flour, coconut milk and sugar filled with thick sliced of banana  wrapped in Banana leaf. So easy to make this sweet dessert. I like Nagasari and yes I know how to cook it. Sigh.

Getuk is steamed ground cassava cake with grated coconut topping. Its easy to make too, after you peeled the cassava, you boiled and mashed them. Mix it with grated coconut, sugar and salt.

Getuk Lindri

Getuk lindri also easy to make. The hardest part for getuk lindri might be  to get the spaghetti form unless you have pasta machine.


Awug is also really one of the old and authentic Sundanese desserts. Made from sagu pearl steamed together with shredded coconut Brown Sugar.

You can mostly find them in the village or traditional market. Its not easy to find these day but its not hard to make it yourself either. Usually in daily morning in Bandung, they sell the most delicious original Sundanese cake and lovable dessert.

Ali Agrem
image: bandungholics

Ali Agrem is a kind of old traditional Sundanese also, made ​​of rice flour, coconut milk and brown sugar. It taste sweet and delicious, its shape resembles a donut, but smaller.

Kueh Cucur
image: malitaku.

Another old Sundanese snacks on the list is kueh Cucur. Made from rice flour, no filling, with brown sugar still has their own fans.

I personally think Cucur taste similar with Burayot but Burayot is much sweeter with different shape. Sadly I don't have the picture and I cant find any pic on the web either.

Maybe I'll update this post when I got the pic. I got relative who knows how to make them and they share some when they come to visit.

Anyway, kue Cucur is sweet enough and if you like sugary foods you might want to try it.

Ketan Bakar
Ketan bakar is barbequed block-like sticky rice. made the rise crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside.

Served with the spicy crushed peanuts sauce, serundeng (a mixture of peanuts and coconuts) or with another west java specialty- oncom,  made this little dish deliciously tasty and certainly worth trying.

This small snacks but actually quite filling is very specific to Lembang, so be sure to try it when you're passing through.

Sorabi Oncom/Serabi Oncom

Surabi or Serabi in Indonesian, is traditional pancake made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier.

In Indonesia there's many type of Serabi. Each province has its own recipe. I tried Seraby solo and I cant stop eating them hehehe  they taste sweet and very tender.

Unlike serabi solo, Serabi from Bandung or West Java is Serabi topped with spicy oncom mixture. Serabi oncom is indeed an authentic Sundanese invention that is addictive in all its variety. I like spicy Surabi Oncom, more spicy more delicious. :)

Surabi Kinca/Surabi Kinca

Another popular type of surabi is Surabi kinca. Kinca is Sundanese language means brown sugar sauce in English. Unlike surabi oncom that tastes salty and spicy, surabi kinca tastes sweet. So if you can't eat spicy surabi oncom, surabi kinca can be your choice.

The kinca itself is made from coconut milk and brown sugar cooked with pandan leaf to make the sauce smell good.

Today, modern surabi comes with all kind of topping variants like banana, jack fruits, cheese, chocolate sprinkles, blueberry etc etc even so they all cooked with traditional stove.

image: kaskusforum

 image: waralabaku

 image: inforesep

image: kulinerbandungku

This traditional cake is made from grated coconut, coconut milk, rice flour and a little bit of salt. Bandros tastes yummy and one is never enough especially when you serve it with spicy peanut sauce or tomato sauce!

Kueh Pukis / Pukis cake

One of popular traditional snack in West Java and also taste delicious. Pukis is a modification of wafel- made from eggs, sugar, wheat flour, yeast and coconut milk.

The dough was then poured into molds and baked. You can add a sprinkling of chocolate eggs, cheeses, sliced ​​meats, or nuts for the topping.

Pukis cakes have a distinctive shape and color; yellow on top and brownish on the bottom.

image: Kaskus

Cakue or Cakwe- pronounced "chak-way" might originally from traditional Chinese foods but  Cakwe has been a part of Bandung foods for a long time.

This popular long, lightly salted golden-brown fried bread stick is one of my fav also.
It can be chopped or thinly sliced then eaten for breakfast with Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge) or eaten as snacks with tomato sauce.

I like to enjoy Cakwe with my homemade spicy tomato sauce which I cook with sliced of pineapple to add more fresh sweet sour flavor btw. Yum.:)


image: asianfinestforum

Odading is traditional  fried sweet bread, some variation filled with banana. It is said that this cake is from Dutch word: "O dat ding!" (Oh that thing!)

One thing for sure about this bread, and about Indonesian tradition also; when it called bread, it doesn't mean that it's a main course.
Indonesian people used to think that they're not yet having their lunch or their dinner if there's no rice in it. And so bread is still categorized as side dishes, just like cakes and cookies. :)

image: tabloidnova

Ranginang is fried rice grain crackers seasoned with terasi.
If you are not yet familiar with terasi, you can find about it on my other post, here

In villages, this crunchy crackers often served in party or family gathering beside make it also as oleh-oleh or souvenirs for their relatives and friends. They usually make the ranginang them self for their special occasion or just for their stock.

I would also get ranginang from my relatives when they come to visit me although not always but its enough for me not to make or buy them myself :)


Traditional candy made from sticky rice powder and palm sugar,that is formed into dense, slightly sticky squares or diamonds, it can be flavored in many ways too.

I am not fans of Dodol but if you want to try it,  Dodol Garut is recommended. Above is one of well known Garut Dodol.

image: kaskus

Another traditional type of candy is Gulali. I used to like buying this from traveling vendor when I was a kid. Me and my little friends likes to watch the seller makes all kind of shape with it and we wil lick it very slowly just to make sure we didn't melt the sugar much and the shape last longer hehehe what a good old time. I don't remember last time I saw Gulali vendor. I hope they don't vanish.

Btw, that Gulali candy in the image above must be expensive, LOL. I am not sure what the seller trying to make tho, is that a fish or a plane?it looks confusing, I want a discount!:D

Gula kapas

Another type of Gulaly that- thanks God, its still popular, is Gula Kapas or cotton candy but I think its popular around the world. I wish I know where my fav gulali ever originally comes from. I like watching the vendor make the Gulali kapas, They looks so cute and yummy. Although they comes with different color and size, I always like the big pink one. Yay!

image: kompasiana

In image above is another variant of Gulali. Its made from Brown Sugar with a sprinkling of chopped nuts. I like the peanut but its too sweet for me or giung in local language.

These Jadul foods or old foods- Jadul is local slang abbreviation for Jaman Dulu which means the past in English is also very hard to find now but thanks to some Bandung community effort who cares with the richness of Bandung Foods in the past, they try to popularize these local jadul foods again trough exhibition to writing competition etc. 

Jadul food stall at Paris Van Java Mall.
Image: Mignonesia doc

Now, You can find this Peanut Gulali and other jadul foods at this stall in Paris Van Java Mall, I find also a small stall of Jadul foods behind Gramedia Book Store.The Gramedia I am talking about is the one that across of Bandung Indah Plaza Mall. 

Bubur Ayam
image: tkmaia

Bubur or Chicken porridge is definitely a favorite breakfast food for many.

In Indonesia theres many type of bubur.  Sundanese alone are familiar with bubur ayam.
Bubur often lightly seasoned with sea salt. serai lemongrass, daun salam (local version of bay leaves) topped with shredded chicken, chopped saledri (celery). Kecap manis (sweet say sauce ) and  kecap asin (salted soy  sauce), kerupuk are also a must.

My fav bubur ayam is bubur ayam Bunut at Sukabumi, a town in west Java.  Its a famous bubur in Sukabumi and yes it's delicious. I first taste it when I visited one of my old best friend parents house. My dear best friend and her family introduced me to this famous bubur Bunut and I liked it. It was a memorable breakfast ever.

Bubur Bunut,Sukabumi
image: vizata viuzza

I am glad I found the image on  the web and I can show you how it looks like, I like the karoket they served, they don't do that in Bandung. too bad.

Karoket is spring roll filled with rice vermicelli, chicken, carrot and scallion is definitively one of one of my fav pastry.

My other fav bubur is -again, Tasik version bubur or Bubur tasik near home.
Besides chicken, they add extra topping like ati ampela (chicken liver) ampela ( gizzard) , usus ( chicken intestines), jantung ( chicken heart), boiled eggs and Gnemon crackers which also my fav.

Last but not least, sambal (chili) , I cant eat bubur without chili :)

Recomended: Bubur Haji Mang Oyo tea at Sulanjana street, Bubur ayam Pelana at Jalan Pelana but you can find their branches in other streets in Bandung too.

image: flickr/godote

Batagor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng is Sundanese fried fish dumplings topped with peanut sauce. It also serves with chili sauce and dash of lemon lime. The tengiri (wahoo) is the fish meat traditionally main ingredients for Batagor. The crispy and crunchy texture make everyone loves this meal that well knows as Batagor Bandung.

Siomay Bandung
 image: flickr/tehkici

Another light meal similar to Batagor is Siomay, adapted from Chines Shumai. This steamed fish dumpling with vegetable also served in peanut sauce. Its my favorite too.

Baso Tahu
image: flickr

When you serve siomay with other foods on one plate like steamed cabbage, pare or paria in Sundanese (bitter gourd), tahu (soya bean cake) boiled potato and eggs, local call it Baso tahu.

Kupat tahu
image: gegegonzales

Kupat tahu commonly consist of choped ketupat - compressed rice with a squarish shape , sliced of fried tofu, rice vermicelli and bean sprouts with peanut sauce as the topping with Kerupuk - cracker made with prawns or shrimp or Emping-Padi Oat/Genetum Gnemon  cracker, as condiment. Kupat tahu can be served at anytime but local fav it for breakfast.

Kupat/ Ketupat

Tasik or Tasikmalaya to be exact is a city in southeastern West Java. Like other people from other cities in west Java, urbanize to Bandung and try to make a better living.
Most of Tasikmalayas choose to make a living by become vendors. Food vendors, clothing vendors etc.

I like Kupat Tahu and my fav is Kupat tahu Tasik they sell near the residence where I live. I like their version Kupat tahu because, they serve it with cooked coconut milk besides the peanut sauce and it makes the taste much richer and delicious. Its tastes just yums!

Recommended: Kupat tahu petis  Jl. Pungkur street


Cireng is stands for Aci digoreng (Sundanese)means fried sago flour, is another typical food western Java.

Cireng fried dough snack made from sago or cassava flour commonly filled with dough oncom, fish, shredded and others or you can make it without filling but serve it with spicy peanut sauce as shown in the picture above which is my fav way of serving coz this way I can dip the Cireng into the spicy peanut sauce as much as I want to.


Cilok stand for Aci di colok (Sundanese) literaly means poked sago balls, is peanut sauce flavored Sago ball skewered

Made from Sago flour is the main ingredient, its chewy and tasty.

How to eat it is by poking it with skewer (like satay skewer) and dip into peanut sauce before you eat it or you can just put the balls and the peanut all together in one place like shown in the pic.

Cimol with beef barbeque and corn grilled flavor
image: gogirlmagz/Cemil Cimol

Cimol with grilled beef barbeque cheese spread flavour
Image: gogirlmagz/ CemilCimol

Another popular  snacks made from sogo is cimol. Wonder what Cimol stands for? its Aci di gemol, that's Sundanese language.

Foods made from Sogo are chewy and sometimes you need extra time chewing them before you can easily swallow them, that chewing process in Sundanese language term is called 'ngagemol' so that how they named the food.

Locals would either made themself at home, it easy to make or buy it from street vendors or buy them online

Recommended : Cemil Cimol they sell it in twitter (Cemil_Cimol)

Roti Bakar Keju Madtari
image: nmaulana

Any cheese lover here? if you are, you should try roti bakar Madtari, they  will spoiled your toast with cheese like shown in the picture above.

Roti Bakar from Cafe Madtari are very famous jajanan among Bandung foods lover. They are famous with their cheese and their blueberry jam. Founded in 1999 and still loved by many. I can guarantee you will too!

Indomie keju Madtari
image: rismasafitri

Bored with bread? why not try Indomie Keju a la Madtari Cafe like shown in the picture above. Indomie is instan noodle made in Indonesia. If I am not mistaken, you can find Indomie in Holland and Australia also. (?)

Btw, you cant see the noodles coz they all covered with nothing but cheese. Yay!

 Kripik Ma Icih
image: Kaskus-kripik pedas Ma Icih

I think you can tell how crazy Sundanese with spicy foods by the invention as well of the phenomenal kripik pedas "Ma Icih" or Ma Icih spicy crisps.

Kripik Ma Icih is made in Bandung and was created by a Bandung uni student named Reza Nurhilman or well known as Axl.

His idea and creativity made this spicy Cassava crisps and other kripik variants has become very popular not only in Bandung but through out Indonesia now. Not only because the spicy level he offers that loved by many but also the uniqueness way of how he market them- He with his Jendral or General in English  a.k.a his reseller will only sell them online, you cant find them in stores or supermarkets coz they just don't sell them that way and if you want to buy them offline, you must follow they twitter to know where you can buy them- they sell them in random places with their nomaden car which they prefer to call as gentayangan or haunting but wherever they "haunt" and when you do, prepare yourself for the long queue!

Note that there are three levels; 3rd, 5th and 10th, picture above and below are level 1Oth- make sure you have stomach made from steel before you decide to eat them.:)

 image:kaskus forum-seblak Ma Icih

So everyone thats all I can share on my part two, I hope you got popcorn cos I think this is the longest post I ever posted.:P

If you checked my the part one of this post and you are familiar with other Indoneasian foods, you can tell the main different between Sundanese / East Javanese foods or cuisines with other ethnic group foods are less sugar and more chili.

Another thing for sure, as majority of Indonesian are Muslim and so Sundanese you can notice from their ingredients is the absence of pork and lard. In fact only a few ethnic groups in Indonesia use pork in their cuisines: Indonesian Chinese cuisine, Manado cuisine and Balinese cuisine are the most prominently on the list.

In these iconic Sundanese delicacy snacks and dishes, you can see how simple the ingredients are yet the Sundanese people in the past seems quite creative making various type of foods out of those simple ingredients.

The creativity of Sundanese in the past is continued by today generations that has made Bandung foods in particular even richer and various than ever, it is the same key that has made Bandung know for its culinary tourism.

Many ideas, innovations and creativity of Bandung community has become inspiration and become a role model for other city communities.

Lots of non Sundanese and who live outside Bandung I know, are already addicted to Jajanan Bandung, maybe you'll be the next? well, why not you decide that while I finish my Part three on my draft. 

 In the meantime, stay tune people and see you asap with more updates from Mignonesia.



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  2. Awww! Thanks dear Asmah!!! :) I don't know you can find katimus, nagasari etc in Malaysia. That is good! You should try them when you come to Bandung again tho and taste them with their original recipes.:)

    Roti Madtari is really a must try. Am sure your family and friends would like it also. Its not expensive at all but everything on their menu are yummy and its a nice place to meet and hangout with locals too but get ready for the long queue hehehe.

    Anyway, Happy hunting and hope you'll enjoy your culinary trip in Bandung while I am on my way checking your updates! Ready or not, here I come lady! :D

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    Love your post. It's really amazing & helpful too. Being foodie i love reading this post. Keep sharing :)
    Thank You So Much & Regards


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