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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello everyone,

Yes you heard it. The Raid: Redemption, Indonesian martial art action film released in US, Canada, UK, Russia, France, Italy, Aussie on March 23, 2012- that was yesterday in Indo or today at your place (?)

Yep, its all over the net and so you probably have heard or watched it already. Well mind me coz I am so itchy not to post it. :)

Anyway, I am not a huge fans of action movie but like most Indonesia, we are proud that trough this movie, Indonesian traditional art Pencak Silat can be recognized Internationally.

Critics and audience alike hailed the Raid as the best action movie in years and so everyone here in Indo. 
For Indonesian audiences particularly, we hope The Raid will be the beginning of Indo cinema rising nationally and even Internationally- without diminish those efforts done by some young and independent Indo filmmakers to make Indo cinema better and better of course. Its understandable coz most TV/Movie local viewers had fat up with those bad quality movies they still play in cinema even those soap opera/ Sinetron on TV so basically local viewers really just miss good quality flicks and shows.

If you are not familiar with Sinetron. Sinetron is local abbreviation for electronic cinema, Sinetron is more like TV soap opera. The Story lines on Sinetron has got so many concerns and negatives critics for years as their story lines do not educate the viewers.

One of the reason stooped watching TV besides I have no time also because of sinetron and those gossip infotainment news they play almost in every channel.

Personally, I think sinetron is an epic national duping and I think they should thank the production house who keep releasing same old same old Sinetrons plus those poor quality movies but before I get brutal, I betcha stop right there LOL :P

Anyway, I sure wont miss watching The Raid like everyone in Indo.

I think Balinese still celebrating Hari Nyepi or Silence Day this week which also fall on March 23 and as Hari Nyepi is a national holiday  most Indonesia who do not celebrate the day are enjoying a long weekend this week.

I will come back asap, I still have more posts on my drafts so I hope you'll stay tune for my updates @mignonesia

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. ciat ciattt. tar pasti nonton nih pelm. wajibbb :D

  2. Ea mamminx wajib nonton dunk apalagi sama sang isteri, pasti mantab:D cuma sadis az nig adegan-adegannya huaa tapi TOP deh, ini baru pelem action. :)


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