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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Evening Gown, finished at last.^^

Yup, this is the evening gown I've been working on this week at work for my B..B..Bosss- yes I also work in a garment company besides running an online boutique for my own clothing line ova here, thank you.;-)
I share it with you all here coz this could be the last gown I made at work since my contract is soon finish and me planning not to sign another contract- I want to have more time to focus on my biz and other things I heart.
Anyway, back to the gown. As my Bos always want a new gown for each party and she will attend an O la la party this Saturday so me and my colleague who sewed this gown, have been trying to get the gown done ASAP- Its uuurge lol!:-P and viola, today its finished!!!:-o:-D
This gown using Jet silk for the fabric and black "Crystal" tulle on the ruffles. It hand pleated on the body done by me. Pink magenta is my Bos fav color. Combo it with black for the details is my Bos idea. This gown is been remodel twice coz my Bos want this, want that, doest want this, doesn't want that but we've take care of that and what you saw in the pict iiiz the final result.:-)


  1. WOW!! Pink and black are my favorite :) Gorgeous! I want one :)

  2. O yea Lady. You will look great in Pink and Black. Come to ma place if you want one.Gown needs fitting right.^^


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