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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Helloooooo peps!

Yep am back! See the pic above? that's pic of Rujak Beubeug that I proudly made by myself, thank you.
It tasted hot, sour, sweet and refreshing.

I can't always buy Rujak Beubeug because the vendors are quite rare now and should I say that I am agree with you who probably afraid getting food poisoning when you buy foods from traveling vendors.

I am not saying buying foods from street or traveling vendors in Indonesia - particularly in Bandung are bad coz there's many vendors who also smart and have good health and hygienic awareness but you always have to be very selective before you decide to buy from them unless you have stomach made from steel hehehe.

Even the locals who are used with the street foods, they occasionally gets food poisoning too so in case you're not sure if you want to buy Rujak Beubeug from traveling vendor or not sure if you could find one when you visiting Bandung then why not try to make it your self at home.

It's simple and easy to make, everyone can make it and as I promised you on my previous post here, I am going to share the Rujak Beubeug's recipe on this post.

Like other typical Indonesia fruit rujak, Rujak Beubeug also consist of assorted tropical fruits.

I wrote the fruit name in Sundanese language and fruits you need to make Rujak Beubeug are :
Ganas (pineapple)
Buah atah (unripe mango)
Kadondong (Ambarella /hog plum)
Bangkuang (jicama)
Hui beureum (sweet potato)
Balimbing (starfruit)
Jambu  (wax apple)
Cau Batu (Wild type/ wt Banana)
Jeruk Bali (Pamelo fruit)

Ingredients to make the sauce:

1/2 tube/block Gula Kawung (Arenga Sugar)/ Red Sugar
I prefer Gula Kawung coz it taste better and rural people in west Java love to use it but you can also use coconut sugar, if you can't find it.

3/4 tsp Terasi Udang (Fermented Shrimp paste) -roasted
To roast, wrap piece of terasi in aluminum foil, place in skillet, heat on high fire for couple minutes , just until you can smell the terasi.

Cengek/Cabe Rawit (Green chili padi) -if you like

1/2 ts Salt


Coarsely chop all fruits-you only need 3 to 4 chops for each fruit to make a portion of Rujak Beubeug like shown on my picture above, then put the coarsely chopped fruits into a wooden mortal- I hope you have one. In my case, I use a stone mortar.

Add the ingredients and pound until all the fruits and spices crushed.

When you finish, stir well to combine and serve at room temperature.

For those of you who might not familiar with some of the tropical fruits and ingredients  I mentioned above, here's their pictures to save your time from googling. :)

All these tropical fruits are easy to find here at my place.

                                                                  Ganas/ Nanas (pineapple)
Ganas - in Sundanese language or Nanas in Indonesian Language contains lots of vitamin C. Its sour, sweet and juicy. Very refreshing.

The only thing I complain is when I peeled its skin- I really hate this part but I like its sour taste especially when you eat it in a hot day.

                                                            Buah atah (Mangga) / Mango

I use my older post picture here. That's mango from one of our house's backyard. Fresh from its tree. Chose only the unripe mango for rujak Beubeug.

                                                  Kadongdong (Kedondong) /Ambarella /hog plum

very crunchy, has slightly sour taste, fibrous, it has single seed with many stiff filaments. Kedongdong or Kadongdong in local is a must for Rujak beubeug but if you cant find it then maybe you can use tart apple like Granny Smith.

                                                         Balimbing (Belimbing) / starfruit

This is one of my fav fruits. I like the taste and the star shape, I just love it and its also a must fruits for Rujak Beubek, without it the rujak wont taste yummy.

                                              Jambu Air (samarangense/ wax apple)
This is the type of Jambu air that commonly used for Rujak because it taste more sour than other type of Jambu air. Locals often say here, "If it not sour, sweet and hot, than it's not Rujak ." :)

                                                               Bangkuang ( Bengkoang) / jicama 

Bengkoang comes with various size, this one is the small one. Locals eat it raw. You can not only eat it but use it for your skin care. Bengkoang also used by many cosmetic companies in Indo as one of their ingredients for natural whitening products.

                                                   Hui Beureum (Ubi merah) / Red sweet potato

Ubi merah is very essential on Rujak Beubeug, without it the rujak will not taste like it should.
I know its vegetable not a fruit. :P

                                                            Jeruk Bali (Pamelo fruit)

Oh I can eat all of them by myself LOL. I like all kind of oranges and this one is also my fav.

                                                      Pisang Batu (Wildtype Banana)

It has numerous large and hard seed, its also a must on typical Sundanese Rujak, its coarse taste really  enrich the rujak's flavor.

                                        Cengek (Cabe Rawit) / Chili Padi or Bird Chili

Red or green, its hot! Some Sundanese peoples can not do whithout this capsicum with their meals! :D

                                                     Tasi udang (Terasi Udang) / Shrimp Paste

Is common ingredient use in Indonesian cuisine, made from fermented group shrimp, sun dried and it sold either in bulk or cut into fist-sized rectangular blocks.


                                           Gula Kawung (Jawa Kawung) 

or Gula Kabong? I dunno how you guys call this there but it looks like shown in the picture above

It made from the sap of male of the male inflorescence of the palm Arenga pinnata.

What so special about it? Gula Kawung or palm sugar is brown and sweeter. You don't have to use a lot in the recipes. Plus it gives a richer sweet taste.

I hope you could find these fruits and the ingredients, so you make your own authentic Rujak Beubeug, if not then you should come to Bandung hehehe.

Some of these fruits can be bought at supermarket and some only available at traditional market.

Happy hunting from me and stay tune for more update! :)

Personal expereience

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  4. It is yummy Jay. You should try to make it :) Am glad you found me.Thank you so much for the visit, your kind words and omg, you're my follower now! What a best feedback you gave me, thank you so much! I've visited your space,I think I should follow you too- there's so many tasty recipes I might need one of those sometimes- I need to keep my eyes on you Lady!Just wait a sec, am on my way to your yummy follower!:)

  5. This is quite an interesting recipe, Dita!

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  6. I think you can try to make it yourself SC!Don't be surprise if you want it again and again especially when u serve it a on hot day :)

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