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Saturday, November 06, 2010


I don't know at your place but in Indonesia we have this tradition to bring oleh-oleh or gift brought back from trip or holiday for friend or family and colleague back home, the short and easy term for oleh-oleh is souvenir.

Its not a must tho and not necessary expensive at all, its more like a way you express how you miss everyone while you are away for the trip or holiday and especially when you cant take everyone with you then bring home some oleh-oleh after the trip is to cheers up those peoples you care.

As Bandung  is a famous place to visit for culinary treat or food hunting for Indonesian and also for tourist, it is a common thing when your friends and relative ask you to bring oleh-oleh or ask you where you dine during your stay in Bandung.

My blogger friend from Malaysia, Asmah [hello Asmah!^^ thanks for the prompt visits and the comment:)] who have visited Bandung many times is planning to visit again soon!
She loves Bandung foods and all these posts is actually dedicated to her but everyone are welcome to read and post comment - oh I heart feedback!!!^-*

I still have more post about Bandung foods, will try to post them asap and since am sure my dear friend Asmah already have culinary treat during her visits, I will try to post  foods that you are not already tasted but I would highly recommend on my next post! haha

And oh its a bit hard to get good pic since Bandung keep raining lately! We walk like a duck here .
They said, It is almost like London. LOL

Also we started to get ash rain here in Bandung, only in some area tho.
As everybody knows, we here in Indonesia is fighting two disaster at a time; Tsunami at Mentawai (West Sumatra) and Eruption of Mount Merapi. T_T

I have account on Twitter and I know many pray for Indonesia when I learn it become time line on Twitterland. 

I just hope everything will be okay soon. Ameen!


  1. Same at here in Malaysia. We love to give ole-ole to peoples when we did return from somewhere or maybe for just a quick visited.
    And you know what,my friend just back from Bandung 2 weeks ago and she bring ole-ole too but she put it in the office fridge and when i knew its already finished,haha
    I wish i can visit to Bandung one day.
    My friend said it was amazing place:)

  2. Aren't we love oleh-oleh?!!^^
    I got oleh -oleh from my friend in Malaysia when I meet her in Bandung too and I was like wow hahah coz the taste aren,t not really familiar for me.
    Ah Its too bad you didn't get oleh-oleh from Bandung that your friend brought!
    You should come to Bandung then and if you don't want to shop clothing then you can culinary treat and oh since you are into art, there's many art gallery you can visit and if you are lucky you can even meet the artist in person!^^

  3. Thank you my dear friend Dita for all the posts specially dedicated for me. Hopefully we will make it to Bandung soon and hope to see you!!! Banyaknya makanan enak2 di Bandung! I really have to lose weight before I go to Bandung. My prayers for all the people in Indonesia especially in Jogjakarta. I have been to Jogja too..It's such a beautiful place.

  4. Oh Asmah, its my pleasure really! Am sorry I haven't post the rest yet but of course I will like to meet you!!! Bring me oleh- oleh again from Malaysia yaaa wkwkwkwkw.
    Me too I pray for everyone in Jogja. Many love Jogja. Oh do you really need to loose your weight?but if you do then Gud luck with the loose weight programme!
    Replace rice on your dinner and your snacks with Apple that's my diet tip!:)


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