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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strawberry farms in Bandung- Pluck your own strawberry.

Stroberi! Stroberi! Stroberi! Stroberiiiii Ciwidey!!!

So I bought some strawberries- or stroberi in local language, from the guy who sell fresh strawberry at Pasar kaget (short- term market) I passed by after I had a morning walk in the wild.

The strawberry they sold actually has various sizes- I wish I could show them but I didn't bring my camera nor my mobile LOL, sowry!!!, the one I bought tho is the small one as you can see in the pic I snapped at home.

The seller told me in Sundanese," Sararae neng, Stroberi Ciwidey atuh ieu mah! nu alit oge araramis, sok mangga weh cobian" or  in English, "These all are good quality. Its Ciwidey's strawberries! Even the small one tasted sweet, have it try please." so yabadabadoo, I did taste his strawberry as he told me and all taste just the same; juicy, quite a bit sweet and sour. Uh-oh.
Well, there's nothing taste better than free tester fresh fruit indeed! wkwkwkwk but no seriously- IMOO, strawberry does taste delicious. I heard some people even says strawberry taste like candy??? hm, I don't see how that can happen tho. O_o

Anyway, while I enjoying my cute strawberries, my memory flashed back to the trip I did in July 2009 with my cousin to Ciwidey where I had a chance to visit a strawberry farm which located near Kawah Putih in South Bandung.
It was a memorable trip! I cant even forget the green, the thick fog and the cooling weather, it was just awesome!!!
A worthy spot to visit when you are in Bandung I must say.
Ciwidey is about 2.5 hours drive south of Bandung, around 30km distance from Bandung.

South Bandung itself better known as Argo- tourism center activities.
You can find agriculture and tea plantations in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan and Gununghalu, water tourism like Patenggang and Situ Cileunca and Nature tourism like Kamojang crater and Crater and hot springs White Cimanggu , you can visit them as well but that's another story btw.

Better imagine the sensation you'll get by picking the fresh strawberry straight from its trees.

Yep, you can have that unique experience in Bandung's highland areas like Ciwidey, Cihanjuang, in Southern and Cihideung, Lembang, in Northern.

Located on 768 meters above sea level with mild and cooler climate throughout the year than the rest of the country, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, Bandung's soil is very fertile and it has made the city well known as major producer and one of the larger suppliers of vegetables in Island of Java and Strawberry, is a leading Argo- products from Bandung regency.

The two areas (Southern and Northern) has similar geographical character and its cool climate  perfect for  strawberry farms.
Many traditional and those that manage professionally Strawberry farms/garden can be found here  which you can choose and open for tourist.

How these Strawberries found or cultivated in a warm and tropical country like Indonesia or particularly in the city of Bandung, you asked? 

Started in 1995, when a farmer from Rancabali that well known as tea plantation area, bought strawberry seedlings from abroad and tried to cultivate it in Rancaballi where he lives.
Two years after, strawberry trees become a common plant found in Rancabali's courtyard house. Realizing its potential, in 1999 the community begun to grow strawberries on a large scale and it soon reached Ciwidey which is geographically situated lower than Rancabali and made Strawberry boom in 2001.
Three years later, in 2004, the garden strawberry farms dominate in these two district: Rancabali and Ciwidey that located not far from Mount Patuha.

From five species and 19 varieties strawberry that have been known in the world, its Fragaria niglerrencis that widely planted type by Rancabali and Ciwidey residents or in local term, Stroberi Ngoho, besides other strowbery type  such California strawberry (Fragaria Vesca), Holland and Ananassa (Fragaria Ananassa).
According to some growers, these cultivars can be distinguish from the fruit shape. Nyoho Strawberry and Ananassa slightly conical, while California and Holland somewhat rounded (globosa). Similarity, Farmers can harvest Strawberries three to four times a week.
As matter of taste, California strawberries are relatively more sweet than Japan Strawberries, However , Holland Strawberries remains the most delicious strawberries.

Here's more pictures I took from my trip:

Pluck your own strawberry here, weight it and pay it at the cashier.
I have to warn you tho, the price you pay is more expensive than buying them in the store but Strawberry picking is always fun especially for children.
Depends on its size and ripeness, they sold around Rp.35.000-Rp.45.000- Rp.60.000  per kilogram. 

They have packed strawberries at Kawah Putih or Situ Patenggang area but its fresher if you pluck your own.  Picture below is taken at Situ Patengang.

You can find many packed -strawberry seller or stall everywhere in Ciwidey. It is better if you know little bit of bahasa coz most seller cant speak English and beware, some seller have tends to raise the price if you know what I mean so use your bargain skill, the first price should be around Rp. 10.000 - 20.000/ pack.

Most  of these Strawberry farm/garden also completed with cafe, restaurant where you can make your own strawberry juice and shop other foods all made from strawberry like homemade strawberry jam, strawberry dodol ( a toffee-like Indo popular food delicacy)  or even souvenirs they sell at small shops with Strawberry as the theme like Strawberry pillow etc.

The one I visited is near the entrance of Kawah Putih- Rancabali Ciwidey, it completed with open air swimming pool, flying fox etc. 
Other recommended strawberry garden:

*Rumah Stroberi, located at Parompong, Ciwidey (South Bandung). They serves delicious Strawberry juice but many seems like their Nasi Liwet too. Click here to see the picture

*Strawberry Sweethearts, located in highway Lembang - Maribaya (North Bandung)
You can easily get here by Public transportation called Angkot ( Ledeng-Sersan Badjuri or Cimahi-Cisarua from Lembang direction) or renting car, is much comfortable tho as you can explore more of what these areas has to offer unless you don't mind walking quite far to explore from one farm/ garden  to another tho.

Affordable hotel, cottage and guest house can be found both in Lembang and Ciwidey area too. You can get a nice one with Rp. 100.000 /night. For you who has tight budget, resident houses can be the option, is way cheaper.

So are you ready to pick Strawberry in Bandung this weekend? before you do, I have  some tips to share from my own experience and googling. *wink*

Here they are:
* Bring Jacket! the temperature is within 8-22Celcius

*Higher chance to pick the best  berries during weekday is in 9am. Many Strawberry farm/garden you can visit BUT many tourist as well ! talk about competition LOL and the traffic is heavy especially on weekend- despite Friday tho.

*Pick the berries when it fully red so leave them alone when green shows at the tips, ok?

*Strawberry has its best quality outside rainy season-when it frequently exposed to rain water, it easily damage or rotten. Strawberry- covered garden/ green house use is your best option if you visit during rainy season.
Normal rainy season in Indo is from October to December

*never grasp the berries itself-pinch or snip the stems, or you'll risk bruising them

* to avoid crushing the fruits on the button collect and stores strawberry in shallow container, no more than 5 inches deep.

*Keep your strawberries in refrigerator no more than two days.

* For long-term storage, freeze your strawberry or make them into preserves, ice cream or muffin


http://www.eHow. com
Personal experience


  1. yang di cihideung mantap tuh. asri banget yak :)

  2. hallo maminx aduh makasih udah mampir nih pengantin baruuu hehehe. Iya Cihideung emang asri, banyak bunga seneng deh mata jadi seger terus seandainya punya rumah daerah situ duh surga kali ea hehehe

  3. What an entertaining post! I love strawberries. It was also very informative, since I live so far away and in such a different part of the world. Have you ever made strawberry preserves? Try it out!


  4. glad you enjoy reading it, msjb! Yes I've tried once, I made strawberry jam but if you got more recipe then I would love to try it out,I'll be on my way to your site after posting this, ready or not! ^^

  5. Agreed, very informative

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