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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hello everyone am back again- this time, with my shopping guide. YAY

As you can see in my pictures above and below here- yes the title speaks itself too, its another Factory Outlet in my town ( locally known as FO ) called Paberik Badjoe that I like to recommend to you. You might want to list it to your shopping destination next time you shop till drop in Bandung-the shopping heaven to many tourist.

Located at Jl. Sukarno Hatta No.573 Bandung (exit toll Buah Batu/ Buah Batu highway), this FO is quite far from Dago, Riau, Setiabudhi or other areas that most Shopping spot and FOS seems to be in. Should I say Pabriek Badjoe is definitely not for the faint hearted or those without the shopping stamina even so, I think Paberik Badjoe is worth a visit and you might find what you want here.

Before I go further, I should thanks to my youngest brother for this post.  I know this store from him.  Ha. 
The story was like this: we were on our way to Carefour to shop grocery: we talked along the way then my brother suddenly come up with this FO called Pabriek Badjoe that he said located not far from the supermarket we were heading and he asked me if  I want to check it out and I said, " We can do the grocery shop after, lets go there now! " so in short we heading straight to Pabriek Badjoe instead and spent there for hours.  I couldn't find clothes that I like with my size tho- I am size 6 :P  so I ended up with didn't buy anything plus we sure have to canceled the grocery shop that day haha but I went there again after for several times with youngest brother and now I want to share what I know about this FOS with you all here.

I say this FO has interesting concept.

Starting from its name which I think quite catchy.
The words:  Paberik and Badjoe are an old script for Pabrik and Baju in Indonesian (Bahasa)- Pabrik Baju means Clothing Factory in English.

Old script or ejaan lama was use during the time Indonesia was a Dutch colony. At that period of time, the Latin alphabet was introduced and a number of Dutch spellings were used to write Indonesian but as part of the independence movement in 1930s, the Indonesian language was standardised and the term Bahasa Indonesia was adopted as the name of the language and  the spelling of oe was changed to u in 1947. The Indonesian spelling system were introduced officially in 1972  with all other major changing as explained here.  

On the other hand, I don't think the owner of this FOS use the words to name the store without reason coz this FO is literally has their own clothing factory located just behind the store.
The factory, for many many years have been well know for their famous export oriented brands but has local market too like WRANGLER (Jeans) WOOD, JOCKEY, COLOR BOX , LEE, TIRA , ET CETERA and of course THE EXECUTIVE  ( working wear ), which I fan!

My  impression when I first entered the store was that this store looks o...kay.  I consider myself as visual, I really care to what I see and the interior of the building is much like a warehouse to me but its clean and the changing room are big , there's pictures of old Bandung hanging on the wall and an antique car surrounded by mannequins. Inside the store, theres a small cafe also and if you brings kids, they can play at the kids zone they provided. I wish they have more plants around the store area, I like when the place is green with lots of trees and plants, its much cozy.

Anyway, find Blazer, Shirt, Skirts,  Blouse,Tank top, Tee shirt, Polo, Jeans, Shoes, Belt, Kids dress, Swimsuit, Jacket and more at this factory outlet - they sell them all at bargain prices!

Not only that,  sometimes you come across other good garments like Quicksilver, Armani, Esprit but don't expect it all seasons and oh you should also check the items carefully before you purchase them as besides Grade A (best quality overruns) some are rejected original branded item due to the not so neat stitches, logos, buttons etc

I am sorry I cant show you any pic for those items tho- I couldn't took any pics inside the store! sorry!!!

Well, that's all I can share about Pabriek Badjoe and again- before I go, they don't pay me for this and they don't even know am writing this, its just my personal review and  hope its informative enough. ^-*
Happy Shopping!



  1. Obviously I like to partecipate to tour linking exchange!! How can I partecipate to it???

  2. @Marti, just visit the party Linky page below my header. Fill those box with your link info and you all set. If you want to use your blog button instead just let me know how and where I could get your blog button html so I can place your code to my party blog hoop^-*

  3. Wah saya mayan sering lewat nih FO, cuman bln pernah masuk or beli disini, hehehe..

    sok atuh borong neng :D

  4. @maminx, aduh senangnya dikunjungi balik dan dapat comment pulaa. Iya cobain tuh belanja disitu:)

  5. kebetulan rumah saya deket ma sukarno hatta, hehe. klo lagi di Bandung main, suka lewat situ.

    asik dibayarin ya blanjana :D

  6. @maminx apaaaaa? belanjanya minta dibayarin oh tidak Rudolfo,
    mending kita rampok az yuk toko ini yuk yuk? gampang tuh kayaknya wkwkwkwk

  7. i will be there around end of may untill first june....any suggestion for me?for goddies?anime model kits shop?oleh_oleh?men cloth? pure bandung dish (halal)?....kindly help me...

  8. Hello Adif, thank you for dropping by!^^
    To ur questions; end of Mei to first June, ok. Well. May-June are not wet season but it keeps raining tho,sometimes heavy rain Maybe it will stop on June. Is this your first visit?
    the best way to get around is by car rental. Try Mulia car rental- Many tourist like their service so I heard, they charge 300K for Avanza but of course there many car rental you can choose with variant prices. There's angkutan kota also, only cost 1000-3500 rupiah but I think it wont be effective if you want to explore Bandung with limited time coz each have different route. If u prefer taxi, make sure they use Argo- Blue bird taxi is the best, I always use it everywhere in Indo.

    For goodies, what goodies you look. There's many options. Maybe you can try this store: Souvenir Shop, in Jl. Cihampelas no.39
    Toko Sin Sin, in Jl. Braga 59 Sells various high quality handicraft and souvenirs, including wayang golek (wood puppet), wayang kulit (leather puppet), angklung, leather and crocodile skin handicraft (mostly bags, wallets, and belts), wood carvings, Indonesian traditional silverworks, paintings, and even Indonesian furniture. This is a shop with very long history, started even before Indonesia gained independence.

    Anime model kits shop in Bandung,

    Celebrate Gift & Toys for die cast fans
    Jl. Dago 56 Bandung

    A&T MOdel
    JL Suniaraja 1
    Speciality:Gundam, military, model-kit, etc...

    Cipaku Indah Speedway
    JI. Cipaku Indah XI No.2
    Setiabudhi IKIP -Cipaku Indah Hotel

    MM Toys
    they used to have the store at Bandung Super Mall 3rd floor, I dont know if its still there tho- sorry am not anime fans hehehe

    To shop oleh -oleh for super crispy and crunch like goreng tempe or goreng oncom you can find them at Pasar baru, Cihampelas or Leuwi panjang- theres many stores there.

    Many Bandung famous snaks, cake etc at kartika Sari( dago area), Golden bell martabak - Yummy!,Brownies kukus Amanda,Cendol Elisabeth, and many more! for the pictures just search on my older post, I got some of them.

    You can find Mens clothes at any FO at Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Dago District and Cihampelas Area.

    Or you can go here,
    For Men Factory Outlet-the only factory outlet dedicated to men only.
    Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No. 36
    Telephone: 62 22 4207888

    I like to recommend distros also - most stylish mens in bandung shop here: Ouval ( the best!),Anonim, invictus, Airplane etc all at Dago area.

    Bandung dish, most are halal so nooo worries.

    Try batagor Riri, Siomay, Lotek kalipah apo, Nasi padang ( one of my fav! hahah ) although its not sundanese cuisine but you can find Padang restos everywhere in bandung and yes its yummy!

    Paskal Food Market. Located in the Hyper Square area (Next to the Hilton)

    for Sundanese cuisine: best Nasi timbel, ayam bakar, ikan gurame goreng, The best sayur lodeh and sayur asem is here, RM. Ampera (recommended! :D) also AA laksana, Ma Uneh Jl. Pajajaran

    other restos -all halal
    Ikan Bakar Pa Chi Met
    Suis Butcher- Steak house Jln Setiabudi
    House du Chocolait - all about chocolate at kompleks Apartment Setiabudi
    Kampung daun
    Ayam Goreng Suharti at Jalan Cihampelas
    Bumbu desa at jalan Pasirkaliki
    Sup Kambing Pak Kumis Jl. Cikapundung ( very famous!)
    Sate M Haris ( satay) Jalan Asia Afrika
    Bakso Avon at Di jalan A. Yani. We like Bakso! ^^
    Bakso Ceker Akung at Jalan Lodaya
    Bakso Linggarjati at di jalan Balong Gede,

    well theres many option actually and no worries all easy to find.

    by night try nasi kalong, Jl. LLRE Martadinata Bandung open from 9pm to 3 am or you might want to try tent restos at jalan Cikapundung

    well there's still many more but hope this info helps.

    Don't hesitate to ask me for other info you need.

    Have fun in Bandung!

  9. Hi mignonesia,

    Thanks for the usefull tips & awsome guideline...:)

    i hope my vacation will be the most proper vacation due i have got a good adviser...hehe

    i also like bakso...but i'm not sure i got the true indonesian bakso in malaysia...it realy similar to our local we call it " mee soup" but only without the awsome meat ball...;D

    Thanks!!! again for your kindest info regarding your worderfull places..

  10. Hello Adif,
    Just catching up here.

    You are so welcome. Hope you have wonderful time in during your stay in Bandung!

    Then you should try bakso. I like when its spicy!!! May I recommend bakso urat or bakso rudal. For mie/noodle, Mie ayam or mie kocok are yummy also. I like Mie Gang Monyet-they have a counter at BIP years ago but the move somewhere and I dont know where they are now. Anyway there's a small Warung Bakso,at Jalan Purnawarman which not so bad you might want to try. Its walk far from BEC (Bandung electronic center)or you can also try Bakso at Kartika Sari at Jalan Dago, well these many sell bakso actually hehe I am sure you can find it easily.

    Again, Happy visiting Bandung!/^-*

  11. Hi dear,
    Can I just check the timing for this specific FO so i can plan my itinerary better in Bandung? Thanks! :)

  12. @Farahin,omg how can I didn't get notification for your comment or did I just missed it and look at the date! truly sorry dear.

    To your question- and due to my delayed reply should I said to everyone who read this post today, this store open daily from 10am to 10pm.

    They have more stuff now last time I went there and also more people shop there too.

    Maybe next time you come to Bandung you want to visit the store or are you already did? I just hope you have a great shopping experience in this FO and anywhere in Bandung.

    Happy Shopping everyone and shop till you drop! :)

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