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Friday, October 01, 2010


Afgan is one of Indonesian talented singger which happen to be my fav. I heart his voice!!! I loooove his music from his first album Confession No.1 released in 2008.
His songs is highly influenced by the genre of pop, soul, R&B, and jazz makes me don’t want to stop listen. 
Born in 1989, Afgan Syah Reza was accidentally found while covering John Legend in a karaoke- John Legend by the way is also one of my fav. I am melted when listen to his songs lol BUT Afgan has stole many hearts with his deep, soulful voice.

This  young  pop sensation has lots of fans here in Indonesia AND other countries in Asia. 
Photographer: Vierna M.K. (jazzuality.com)

Afgan has won many awards in such young age and among them were the prestigious 2008 MTV Indonesia Awards (Artist of the Year and Favorite Male Artist), 2008 Nickelodeon Indonesian Kids’ Choice Awards (Favorite Male Singer) and 2009 Indonesian Music Awards (Best Male Solo Singer).
I have three big hits from Afgan on my play list;
The first song I like is “Sadis” (Cruel) because love can be cruel you know hehehe anyway this song taken from his album Confession No.1. The second songs would be   "You give me something", a James Morrison's song cover by Afgan - Not bad. I always like this James Morrison song anyway and last but not least is Afgan's latest song:  Dia Dia Dia ( It's her, It's her ,It's her)- I like the music and I like the part when Afgan said Dia Dia Dia, it feels like he is talking to me wkwkwkwkwk.
So now you know what songs I listen a lot and happy to share with you all here.
Please enjoy and hope everyone heading a nice week end!!!!^^

Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week, lets hate bloody Monday!:P


  1. hi..'accidentally' found this lovely blog , hehe.....anyway.. i like Afgan's song Ku bersujud..

  2. Owh thank you for stooping by Nurleeta and for the kind words! Yes Afgan have a lovely voice,isn't.he?!I like all his songs and Ku bersujud is on of his best song that I like too. :)

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