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Sunday, June 07, 2015


Hello blogsphere!!! How y'all doin?!

#Mignonesia is back again after the long hiatus, bringing you the Mignonesia wishing you the latest updates from talented, one of the humble human beings we  honored to know, Harish MC Uneek!

Mignonesia had a chance to interviewed #Uneek last year. Here the flash back of our first interview and his great music and his brilliant answers during our interview, HERE

We are hapy to follow Uneek's progress and impressed with his music career achievements Uneek feat MC Mike,  is launcing a new song and we managed to arrange another online interview. Uneek has a lot of updates to share and here's our uncut full report of the interview with the blog host, Dita Mignonesia. :P. Enjoy!

Mignonesia: First, congrats for the new music video. I LOVE it! Thousands views on You Tube already, bravo! Kinda took a while for you to release the new song, wanna tell your fans why you kept them waiting? ):

Uneek: Thank you Dita. We're very glad the video did good. The delay had to do with me moving to a new city to pursue few career options. Took a while for me to come back to Hyderabad and start working on music again.

Mignonesia: I see many changes in this new video, the obvious change is that we see this "Uneek & MC Mike" in the title, what happened? Tell me more about it, is this another collaboration or you guys are a duo now?

Uneek: We've always been a crew. Even when we released our first video Second Chance. The Uneek & MC Mike title reinstates our equal efforts and dedication that we put into our music videos.

Mignonesia: I actually liked the chemistry you both have in this new video, I saw two stars collaborating. How do you guys felt about doing any creative projects together again?

Uneek & MC Mike:  The phase of making the video right from pre to post production is a celebration. We have worked on other music videos together as well, not released though. The next two months are going to be amazing as we plan to release as many as four music videos. It's a great experience to collaborate with other artists who share the same passion.

Mignonesia: I still have many questions but I will go with the creative process on the song first and it goes to you both, who wrote the lyrics? Was it a challenge to write lyrics for this collaboration?

Uneek: I penned down my verse's lyrics and likewise, Mike penned down his part.The creative challenge involved at this stage would be to find the right balance between our verses. We can't afford to overdo it or under do it either. There is a beautiful sense of coexistence that we aim to achieve through our lyrics whenever we collaborate. Collectively, this brings out the beauty in the song. Feels like our verses are so similar to each other, yet so different.

Mignonesia: Tell me more about the song, what's the story behind it, I read the opening line on the vid "Dedicated to Dad", is this your own personal story guys? What's the message you guys wanted to spread through the title "Make Believe"?

Uneek & Crew : I dedicated the video to my Dad as a token of my gratitude towards him. Last year has been difficult for me as I had to witness few unfortunate events that changed my understanding of life. Make Believe is what me, as a person and me and Mike, as a group, stand up against. We wanted to convey this noble gesture of standing up for yourself and staying genuine throughout all the stages of your life.

Mignonesia: Cant hold myself from asking this, question to Uneek; If I compare this new song lyrics with the lyrics on your previous songs; its still brill, you got the rhyme and all but I must say the lyrics sounds a lot more "simple" in this song yet much more "friendly" and catchy to the average listener like me for instance haha, what do you guys would say about that? were you somehow did a lil compromising to wider your audience?

Uneek & Crew: That has been a part of our agenda when we make songs. To make them widely understandable and relatable to also. We have made a few other songs where you'd see the lyricism is more complex in terms of terminology. We plan on depicting various levels of lyricism depending on the flow and feel of the song and also depending on what we want to convey.

Mignonesia: In my first interview, Uneek said that he would like to describe his music as an effort to bring out a positive change in its listeners, I see this idealism also continue in this new song, am I right? What you guys think about Indian rap music in general, I mean do their lyrics usually reflect some of India culture and values for instance?

Uneek & Crew : That conceptualization is evident in Make Believe. It's hard to try and change that because that was the sole reason why we, as artists, were inspired by music and wanted to convey something sensible every time we make a piece of art. I feel rap music in India has been doing better than it was a couple of years back. There are an increasing number of new breed artists opting rap and hip hop as a medium to convey how they feel. And that can only be positive since there is a sense of collaboration and community. And I think the lyrics do reflect bits and pieces of Indian culture a lot of times.

Mignonesia: I heard that new songs are coming soon, is it true? Can we get some leaks?How about their video concepts? Will there be some new innovation too?

Uneek and Crew : Yeah, great news for people who listen to our music. We have four music videos ready for release. The next few months would be great for us and for the listeners as well. Every music video we make has a new technical conceptualization as well as a new artistic vision. Really excited to release a few teaser trailers for the videos.


Thank you so much for the interview and everyone in your team. Here is MAKE BELIEVE everyone, enjoy!

   Follow UNEEK'S updates here,



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