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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sacha Stevenson shared her tips on how to act Indonesian on you tube. Sacha is from Canada who loves Indonesia and lives in Indo since 2001.

Some of Indonesians viewers might not agree, not totally agree or totally disagree with how she portrayed Indonesian with its stereotypes on her videos while some others able to see her opinion and her personal observation as an expatriate in Indo for 12 years and creativity in a positive way instead the opposite. I myself respect her freedom of speech etc, so just chillax and enjoy. :)
I've watched all her videos and I personally think they are quite entertaining and made me laugh. She is more Indonesian than Indonesian lols. I also impressed with how fluent her Betawi accent is, also her knowledge about other locals languages spoken in Indonesia including Sundanese besides ofc, her Bahasa.

Almost all the vids were made in English subtitle so if you are not familiar with Bahasa [Indonesian National Language] you wont find difficulties to understand her videos and oh if you keep hearing Sacha say the word "Bule" and wondering what that means, Bule [pronounced [ˈbule]] is Indonesian words that just means white people. It is by no means derogative term. People who thinks it is an insult clearly don't know what they are talking about.

You know, talk about You tube,

Who doesn't know this video-sharing website. The only website on the internet today that allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.
Many have use the benefits of You tube and one of them is as a powerful media to promoting ideas, talents and creativities. These videos could be a gate for anyone who wants to enter entertainment world and so in Indonesia.

Indi and new musician who started their career from locals cafes to radios like Raisa or Cakra Khan for instance, their talents might stay hidden and could not goes nationally as today or internationally in the near future if those kind peoples who discover and appreciate their music didn't uploaded them on You Tube on their early career as I myself couldn't find Carka's official vid when I wrote about him back then here so there's a question that does tickles me as I watched Sacha's vids today and my question izzzzz....,while these "How to act like Indonesian" video series is getting attention from the you tube viewers, will the world-or Indonesia in particularly, see Sacha Stevenson as another "You tube star" in Indonesia Entertainment Industry soon? hm :)

Well, I personally think she is smart, funny, entertaining, CAN SING, plus she speaks Indonesian fluently. So lets see..um, Trans TV for a start maybe? :D

Anyways, these below are vids I like most from Sacha you tube vids series so far. You can ofc go to her channel for more of her "How to act like Indonesian" vids, she uploading the new one every week with her 5 tips on each and like Sacha said, "Sok subscribe!" :D

Sacha on her 5 tips of  How to act Indonesian

 Sacha on corruption

Sacha on Hijab

Sacha on 27 Indonesian Swear words

Hope you enjoy Sacha's vids and stay tune for more updates at Mignonesia!

Terimakasih Bapak-bapak..., Ibu-ibu... hehehehe

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