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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BANDUNG AUTHENTIC FOODS PARADE (part 3): Desert and Beverage

image: priaberdasi-sangpemimpi.blogspot.com

Hello hello hello, 

Hows your first week of October everyone? a bit late but we entering the rain season here in Bandung. #dancing!

I've been missing the rain so much. The dry season this year was way way too long. Glad at least now I can enjoy the cooler whether during the day again.

Anyway, I am also feel so relief that today I am finally manage to finish Bandung foods parade part 3 as I promised you and this post will also ends the BANDUNG AUTHENTIC FOODS PARADE post series on my blog. 

Make sure you don't missed the first part of this post, here and also the second part, here

As you've read on the post title above, in this post we are going to talk about drinks and desserts, not only the authentic one but also the popular one in west Java, particulary in Bandung. 

I think many modern drinks and desserts in Bandung which created by Bandung peoples have associated with the city so I need to include them on this post also.

So shall we start now? :)


 image: bandungholics.blogspot.com

I want to start it with Bandrek and Yep, above are two big glass of bandrek, one of  the famous beverage native to Sundanese of west Java.

Accompany yourself with this hot, sweet, spicy drink just a perfect way to warm up your body at night or on cold and raining days.

Bandrek is easy to make: just boil water with  ginger, cinnamon, lemong grass, star anise, cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom pods and Kawung brown Sugar while you grated some young coconut for the garnish.

Must note using brown sugar as sweetening is the main key coz that's how the drink got its brownish typical color and if you replace the brown sugar  with white sugar then I don't think you still can call it Bandrek. Haha.

Mind to spend time cooking it or can not find the ingredients? well, no worry. They sell syrup and instant Bandrek now-with different brands of course, and they are available in local Traditional and supermarket too.

image : bandungholics

Bandrek Abah brand tho prob the best one. I haven't taste it yet actually but the brand have been well known from generation to generation in West Java and its made in Rancabali- Ciwidey. 

Simply pour the instant Bandrek's powder into a cup and add hot water, stir it with spoon and serve, as simply as that.

I personally choose to cook it myself tho to get that original taste but the choice is yours.
And did you know? If you have a sore throat, a cold or recovering from the flu, no need those chemical medicines, Bandrek can heal them.



When we mention Bandrek, we can not not mention the Bajigur, another famous native drink. 
Bandrek Bajigur are indeed the deadly duo when it comes to beverage native to Sundanese. 

Bajigur is easy to make too and its my fav. Made from Coconut milk, brown sugar, ginger, salt and vanilla powder, coffee powder and water. Add pandan leaves to make the drink smell good. Also add bread and sliced of kolang kaling -coconut fruit into it. You can serve it hot or cold with some iced cubes and it still tastes yummy and fresh.

In rural village or at traditional Sundanese restaurants, locals enjoy the drinks with friends or families at a Saung- small eating pavilions near or over the fresh water fish ponds or rice field  like shown in the picture above.

Local serves Bandrek or Bajigur  with Hui boled (steamed sweet potatoes), kulub cau (steamed banana), Kacang kulub (steamed peanuts), Seupan sampeu (steamed cassava), Kulub Jagong (steamed corn) or other Sundanese traditional snacks. Mmmmm delicious. 

For you who could not cook Bajigur at home but curious with how it tastes, I can recommend Bajigur Supratman. It's a Bajigur stall at Jalan Supratman (Supratman street) Bandung. The stall been there for like 45 years already. Imagine that! O.o


image: infomakan.com

Sakoteng is another body warmer beverage that I fav. Although its actually originally from Central Java but its so popular here in Bandung and has been a part of Bandung beverage since. 

Sakoteng is perfect to be served on dinner. Local usually serve it during iftar in the month of Ramadan but no need to wait for Ramadan just to enjoy it as you can make it yourself or if you are in Bandung, you can just find it at Sundanese restos or stall sellers- if you don't have sensitive stomach that is.:)

How to make it? its also easy. You need water, granulate sugar, ginger, pandan leaves, coconut milk and cinnamon. Those floating things you saw on the picture above are skinless peaces of white bread, roasted peanuts, sliced of Coconuts fruits, henna Chinese, also don't forget to sweeten it with condense milk.

Enjoy sakoteng with Surabi, Roti bakar or grilled bread or peanut martabak mmmh... yum! yum!

Bubur Lemu

image: web

Bubur Lemu-also well known as Bubur Sumsum, is a delicious rice puding with Kinca sauce. Its perfect for breakfast or as desert. 

Made from rice flour, coconut milk and pinch of salt whereas the Kinca sauce made from brown sugar. Its healthy and easy to make.

image: junglagu.multiply.com

This rice puding also come in green color by adding juice pandan leave while cooking it. Since I am quite a visual person, I like the green one as to me it looks much attractive and more appetizing. 

I also like bubur lemu that served with sliced of Banana, Henna Chinese, biji salak - made from yellow potato sweet like shown in the picture above, Adding coconut milk into the Kinca sauce also makes it even more delicious. Serve it cold in a hot day by adding ice cubes, parfait! :)

Es Goyobod

Es Goyobod or Goyobod Ice is a native drink from Garut- one of region in West Java. 

Es Goyobod is another Sundanese version of  Es Campur- see the post below.

Wonder what this Sundanese beverage unique name means? Goyood is a Sundanese word for sodden.

I don't know if its true, but some say Goyobod also a word in Dutch with the same meaning? hahah,  need to investigate it more or I'll just ask this to my friends from Holland later.

image: epicurinadotcom

The main ingrediant of Es goyobod is hunkwe. Hunkwe is sliced of pudding made from dough hunkwe flour or Kanji cut. Hunkwe flour made from starch of mung. 

But not only a hallmark of dough hunkue, a complete portion of Es Boyobod also consist henna Chinese, square sliced jelly made from tapioca flour ​​, mashed avocado, sliced of jackfruits with brown sugar syrup and chunks of ice cubes on the top, all served in heavy coconut milk. 

This Sundanese chewy beverage is much easier to find in Garut than in Bandung. You can buy it in many  Restaurants or at those humble traveling trolleys in the city but I heard the best Es Goyobod in Garut is the one that sold at their central city park and the other one at Garut Hospital. 
Maybe I'll try it myself one day when I visit the city. :)

Es campur

image: web

Unlike Es Goyobod, Es campur- Sundanese version for fruit cocktail can be found easily in Bandung restos or food stalls.

Not live in Bandung or you prefer to cook everything by yourself like me? well good news coz Es campur is easy to make. 

Es campur or "mixed ice" is one of a must serve in my family menu list when it comes to the Month of Ramadan so I made it quite often. Serving sweet fresh beverage is just ideal for iftar.

This cold and colorful beverage often served as dessert in dinner also. With varied ingredients, its not only healthy but also taste yummy.

You can use any fruits you have on the fridge to make Es campur and make your own version actually but the Sundanese version is consist of shaved ice, avocado, jackfruit, shredded coconut flesh, Jackfruit, cendol- green warm-like jelly, Chinese pearls, black grass jelly, basil seeds, cassava tapai, Kolang kaling- coconut fruit, diced bread with liquid sugar and condensed milk on top.

Sound yummy?well,  it is :)
In my case, another best time enjoying es campur is after eating a bowl of spicy Bakso. mmm!

Es Oyen

                                                         image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tya/4468176283/

Another version of Es campur and also quite famous now in Bandung is Es Oyen. 

Consist of  tapioca jelly, melon avocado, jackfruit, shredded coconut flesh, Chinese pearls, kolang kaling and seaweed, coconut milk and condensed milk on top makes this cold dessert beverage almost similar with Es campur but it tastes different.

Why this beverage named Oyen you asked? according to my source, Es Oyen was created by a guy named Oyen. He first sell his version of cocktail fruits at Jalan Bungsu 29 or Bungsu street, Bandung and named it Es sekoteng Oyen but later on his costumer name it Es Oyen for practical reason.

There's another story about how the "Oyen" names comes from. Its said that Oyen was the name of Mr. Zakaria's bird pet. Mr Zakaria is the founder of well known Es Oyen at Veteran street Bandung.

Well, I dunno which story is the true story but Es Oyen is truly yummy and although it might look like Es Campur but Es Oyen sure tastes different also.

Es Shanghai

image: emwei.wordpress.com

Again, similiar to Es Campur and Es Oyen is Es Shanghai. And again, all though it looks similar to other native Sundanese cocktail versions, Es Shanghai also taste different. 

What makes Es shanghai different is that it use young coconut water as the soup makes this beverage also a traditional energy drink.

Es Shanghai traditionally consist of avocado, pineapple, kolang kaling, shredded coconut flesh, black grass jelly, coco pandan syrup, young coconut water and condensed milk.

Sop Buah


Abour 4 or 5 years ago,  Es buah or  frutty soup was a big hit in Bandung. Everyone loves it and its popular among young especially students. 

Not only because its yummy and healthy as it consists variant fruits like grape, kiwi, watermelon, melon, mango, strawberry- depends on the seller version, but also it costs only  5000 to 8000 rupiah per portion. 

There's always new and popular foods in Bandung every time but you still can find Es buah anywhere in Bandung till now but I don't think the sellers are still as many as back then. 

Must understand, food biz is one of very competitive biz in Bandung beside fashion. :)
Es Durian


Any of you likes durian? this king of fruits might smells like shit but many think it tastes like heaven, the same reason that made es durian a popular dessert not only in Bandung but also in many region in Indonesia.

Serve it as a dessert or just as fresh beverage in a hot day.

Es Durian that quite famouse in Bandung is "Es Durian Pak Aip". 
Pak Aip or Mister Aip created his own version of Es Durian and sell it on his own stall at Tubagus Ismail street (Dago area) in Bandung. 

What makes his version different from others? well his version of Es Durian is actually a fruit soup with Durian in coconut milk. 

If you are fans of Durian, I think its worth to try it once you hunt for foods in Bandung and nooo, please note again, non of those I mentioned on my blog pay me to do this ad okay.  

I don't think they even know I am doing this. Its another free add for the local biz. I am just the social worker here hehehehe :P but no, seriously, I think we do need to support local biz. I have a small biz myself in town so there you go. :)

Es Doger

 image: wikipedia

Another specialty of Bandung is non other than Es Doger. I honestly do not know why it named Doger. There's a word "dogger"  in Dutch tho, maybe it got the name during the Dutch occupation?

Anyway, Es Doger consist of Shaved ice, coconut milk in pink syrup, pink or red tapioca pearls, cassava tapai, black gelatinous rice, jackfruits, avocado, diced breads and white or chocolate flavor condensed milk.

You can find Es Doger in other city in Indo like Jakarta, Malang or Surabaya but Es Doger always associate with Bandung where its originally from.

Es krim Duren


I think almost everyone in Bandung familiar with this humble ice durian on red polkadot cup. 

The Es krim duren traveling seller is so easy to find, in every corner or hangout spot in Bandung like  shopping malls, even school or other crowded areas in the city. 

The durian ice cream they sell is of course Ice cream with durian flavor. They do add real durian but by request as not everyone likes the fruit I think also black tapai and condensed choco milk as the topping. 

It taste not bad. I bought once from the traveling vendor near Ciwalk mall at Jalan Cihampelas and no I didn't get food poisoned. :D

Jus Alpukeut and Cendol

image: chopinandmysaucepan.com

Another deadly duet in Bandung's popular beverage is Jus Alpukeut- local language for Avocado juice, and Cendol so once you doing the culinary trip in Bandung, make sure you don't miss them.

Jus Alpukeut 

image: web - totally lost the link source- will update it later once I found it

Well am not Durian fans, haha but I sure like avocado juice and in Bandung, jus alpukeut is one of the famous juice. Some of you might not familiar with avocado juice but it really taste yummy.

Its available everywhere in Bandung or do you want to make it yourself? its really easy to make. 

Here's how:

To make delicious Es Alpukeut, you'll need ripe avocados- ripe avocado is soft when you press it. 

You'll also need two cup of milk for every 4 avocados, boil some brown sugar with water to get 4 table spoons of thick brown sugar. Blend them all together. Then put in some ice cube and blend again and its done. 

Take a glass and pour some condensed chocolate milk before pouring the avocado juice and when finish, add more condensed chocolate milk on top of the juice and your Jus Alpukeut is ready to be served.

isn't that easy? I hope you'll try the recipe. I can guarantee its yum yum so gud luck!



Like I said, you cant miss Cendol either when you're enjoy your culinary trip here in Bandung. 

Made from Rice flour served with coconut milk, slices of jackfruits, brown sugar and ice cubes. A glass of Cendol can really save you from a hot day after you shop till drop in town.

The famous Bandung's cendol is Cendol Elisabeth. 
Elisabeth is actually a local bag brand and they have their own store in Bandung and Just in front of their store, you'll find the Cendol seller which by the time named Cendol Elisabeth by their costumers.

Cendol Elisabeth Vs Cendol Gentong

image: bandungreview.com

Many who already visited Bandung and did culinary trip in town probably already familiar with this green  worm-like jelly or well know as Cendol Elisabeth but did you know you can also find white cendol in Bandung beverage which called Cendol Gentong. 

Its not yet as popular as the green cendol but some local already fell in love with the unique taste.

White Cendol made from corn starch. Besides its white color, white cendol also smaller than the green cendol. What makes it more unique is that they put these white cendol which already mixed with coconut milk in a Gentong- local term for a big pot made from clay like shown in the picture above.

The wellknown Cendol Gentong in Bandung, got to be the one in Alkatery street at Alkateri Lotek.

Es Cingcau

image: bundajajanadiind.com

Es Cingcau is-again,  one of my favorite beverage of Bandung. Usually served with syrup and ice, cingcau is green grass jelly made from leaves of Mesona chinensis (member of the mint family).

To produce gelatin / gel from the leaves of grass jelly, beginning with picking the leaves which are not too old and not too young. The leaves are then knead in boiled water. Use 1 liter of water for every 2 handfuls of leaves of grass jelly. Squeeze water then filtered and deposited during one night. The next morning, the water will be thick and formed and this Gel in the picture below is what we are call the grass jelly.


According to my source, this traditional jelly has many health benefit. Its rich in minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. Cincau also good for people who are on a diet because it is low in calories but high in fiber. Cincau believed to relieve heartburn, constipation, flatulence, fever and diarrhea. While the fiber  very good to cleanse the digestive organs of cancer-causing carcinogens.  

Still according to my source, leaves of green grass jelly containing compound dimethyl-1 dimetoidida Kurin. This substance is beneficial to relax the muscles. Other compounds such as isokandrodendrin believed to prevent malignant tumor cells. Cincau also contains alkaloids bisbenzilsokuinolin and S, S-tetandrin are efficacious to prevent kidney cancer, anti-inflammatory and reduce high blood pressure. 

Es krim Cincau. 

                                                                                            image: theartifitrial.wordpress.com

Recently  there's  a new comer in Bandung beverage called Cingcau Ice cream or Es krim Cingcau in local. 

Its actually regular cincau but they add one scoop  or two of ice cream into it. 

Well I think its good for a change and Cingcau might get be popular again with the new version. 

It might be a small innovation but you never know which one will be hit the market so lets just wait and see how this new version ice cream cingcau goes in Bandung food market. 

I personally like the idea of adding ice cream into the cingcau to replace the coconut milk, its taste  better and richer too or maybe because I  am a big fan of Ice cream? haha.


image: mignonesia doc

image : flickr-yogurt cisangkuy by fikri irawan

I am sure you can find yoghurt at your place too. Well, its one of the popular beverage in my city also.

West Java has horticultural center in Lembang. Fresh products from Lembang like fresh cow milk- or susu murni in local, also very well known and overflows the market. Dairy products like Youghurt has become business opportunity for many locals for a long time. 

Bandung people are familiar with Yoghurt since many many years ago. Even until now, many resto in Bandung serves Yoghurt on their menu list. 

Talk about best Yoghurt cafe..., In 90's, Cafe Cisangkuy at Cisangkuy street was a big hit when it comes to this sweet and sour beverage. 

I think many people in Bandung also for Bandung food lovers in Indo are still fav all those yoghurt flavors from this cafe. Any delicious taste from plain, strawberry, blackberry, grape, lycee, even chocolate yoghurt are here

Well, I dunno which one you like most but I like both thick and plain Yoghurt. :)

Es Kalapa and Daweugan Bakar

image: erwinsanjaya-flickr

Another popular cooling drink in Bandung is kelapa muda or young coconut ice.

Made from young coconut water, and granulate sugar completed with shredded coconut flesh when serving. The chewing sensation beside the cooling effect made Es Kelapa fans by many especially in hot days or after eating spicy foods.

Daweugan Bakar

 image:rumahmakanmurni.blogspot.com & dosenkuliner.wordpress

Daweugan Bakar or roasted young coconut might not as refreshing as simple Es kalapa.

Roast the coconut in 3 hours then mixed the juice of the coconut with ginger, cinnamon, Java brown sugar, milk and  and honey, producing a sweet, warming drink which everyone loves. The taste slightly similar with Bajigur.

Coconut water is better than carbonated soft drink. Coconut water itself is very rich of mineral and potassium 

There's not yet research that explain the benefits of roasted coconut water but by adding spices into the coconut juice, you would get some health benefits from them. Its is also believe by drinking the coconut roasted juice with these spices would increase your body resistance and raise you blood circulation level.

Rujak Coel

image: Mignonesia Doc

Rujak coel or also wellknown as Rujak Uleg, is one of Sunda original recipes which happen to be my favorite. Everything on this post are my favorite :P

Roughly shredded fresh tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple, jambu air ( rose apple ), melon, bengkoang ( yam bean ), ubi ( soil apple ), mango in one plate and mix them all together in peanut brown sugar sauce is just perfect to be served on a hot day. It fresh, juicy and sweet. Mmm yummy!

Rujak Beubeug

image: Mignonesia Doc

Rujak Beubeug is native rujak from West Java. It tastes hot, sour, sweet and refreshing.♥!

Its become harder and harder to find the Rujak Beubeug seller in Bandung these days but the good thing is, its so easy to make. Wonder how to make rujak beubeug yourself ? well, you need the recipe and guess what? I have posted it before, here.

If you are tropical fruits fans like me, you might want to try to serve them by making those fruits into this delicious rujak but not all tropical fruits can be use to make this rujak. Make sure you've learned also about which fruit we need to make Rujak Beubeug on my previous post, here.

Above is the picture of Rujak beubeug that I've made myself, it was yum yum yum!

Rujak Cuka


Oh Rujak cuka is so refreshing! It is one among other refreshing dishes I wouldn't miss on a hot days.

Rujak cuka consists of raw tropical fruits like rose apple, mango, yam bean, pineapple, cucumber which all cut in dice and some raw vegetables like sliced cabbage and bean sprouts also fried ground nuts, vinegar and salt, red pepper and Ebi (dry shrimp).

If you plan to visit Bandung and maybe plan to shop also at Pasar Baru, you will find many Rujak Cuka traveling vendor easily, just to see how it looks like in real. 

If your stomach made from steel then maybe you would try to buy some also.You can also find it in supermarket or restos tho.



If you've been to Indonesia or plan to visit Indonesia, you might want to visit places where you can enjoy the cool fresh Air. Puncak in Bogor, West Java might be just the answer. Its just one or view hours from Jakarta, the Capital city. 

Once you are in Bogor, you might find many food stalls a long the way, selling all kind of local foods for souvenir or in local term Oleh- oleh. 

Oleh -oleh is something you brought from the place you visit for friend, colleague or family back home while you're traveling. 

It is  a tradition for Indonesian to bring oleh -oleh for people you care. No necessary expensive but bringing something they can enjoy is showing that these people you love and care are always on your mind even when you are away from them. 

I've talked about this oleh- oleh tradition on my previous post too, go here if you missed the post.

Anyway, from so many local foods they sell, you must find these tropical fruit Asinan like shown in the pic above. Asinan is Indonesian version of fruit or vegetable pickle from West Java.

Asinan Bogor


The famous Asinan from West Java is deffinatelly Asinan Bogor. 

Unlike Asinan Betawi- the other famous asinan that preserved vegetable, Asinan Bogor preserved tropical fruits like mango, water apple, papaya, ambarella, jicama, nutmeg, and pineapple, served in sweet hot and sour vinegar and chili sauce, sprinkled with peanuts.

Local ussualy made Asinan them self or just buy them. Asinan Bogor have widely spread in other cities in West Java like Cianjur, Sukabumi, even Bandung, they are easy to find.

Well, that's all I can gather for this Bandung authentic and popular drinks and dessert . I might update the three posts later once I found other infos that worth to share in the mean while I will update Mignonesia with other topics so stay tune my lovely readers and visitors.

Have a lovely day today, everyone! 

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