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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy birthday, BISCUIT!


Not happy birthday to you or to me but to my one of my blogs, BISCUIT!

Yep, exactly this date last year [10-11-2011]  Biscuit- one tough cookie, was launched.

Dang, look at the date! did you see what I see? I just realized that when I typing this! cool hein?! :)

Need to thank to "Anonymous" who posted comment on one of Biscuit's post yesterday, because of him/her I checked all my blog posts and found out that today is Biscuit Ist Anniversary.

If you haven't familiar with my blog Biscuit, Biscuit is collection of jokes,one-line jokes,funny stories, short funny stories, saying images, funny images, funny saying images, cute image, cute funny image, all type of quotes and sayings. Some I cooked myself and the rest, I found across the web.

Its funny actually since the blog was created mainly to store all image saying and joke I found on the net-  there was one time when I got so addicted with them and still till now. I kept them on my folder just for fun purpose till one day I realized I got too many of them, waaay too many and though I better put them somewhere else to save the space on my laptop's memory or I'll get a rehab and a blog is the first thing that come on my mind. HAHA.

Call me an artist, I draw attention. At first the blog was a private blog till I decided to make it public and I thats when I named it Biscuit.

Why biscuit? coz I like biscuit. Especially Oreo with the toothpaste cream- just don't eat them too much or you'll be a whoreo.:P  And to me, those image sayings, one line jokes etc that I found on the web are like biscuit- "snack" that accompany me while browsing the web.

But this biscuit- I hope, the one tough cookie- a durable and robust cookie and I think I have good reason to be optimistic when I checked my blog status yesterday, Biscuit first year all time pageviews  is 1.48.803

For me who started the blog out of fun, the all time pageview on this screenshot I took yesterday like shown below, was like WOW!

Wish I could thanks each one of you who have visited my blog during its first year. Hope you all found something worth to share and make Biscuit as one of your source.

I am not sure if I use the right term here but I'll use it anyway ehehehe; See, I think there's 8 sheets on my blog Biscuit so far which each sheet contains100 blog posts.

I prefer to take the most viewed post from the blog sheet coz its shows how Biscuit got that up and down page view from its first launched.

Traffic is something that any blogger paid attention to most and that works same with me.I lie if I said I don't bother it. My blogs clearly are not a secret and they are on INTERNET.

I have to admit that it does felt very rewarding when you see your traffic goes up to certain level or when you find one of you blog post or your blog link on the first page on Google search result. It sure took a lot of hard work and patience to get into that level but I enjoy the traffic's up and down process. I think its normal and I prefer not to worry too much about it. I just want to enjoy blogging.

Anyway, below is the list of the number one most viewed posts that I took from each sheet. And also the ones that has not much page views BUT I personally fav.

Btw, I took the screen shoots yesterday and here they are! [click the title and it should direct you to where it posted at Biscuit]

1.This post is from First Sheet. Definitely my fav and glad It could reached 2.134 pageviews since it was posted till yesterday.

2. From Sheet two. This is a good one and it reached 1.488 pageviews so far.

3.Number one viewed post on Sheet 3 with total 3.631 pageviews.I am not surprise if this post got your attention. I found this witty funny quote hilarious myself, sounds really cheeky LOL. Another one I definitely fav also!

4. 324 pageviews taken from Sheet 4. Can you see it?! :)

As you saw on one of my audience chart above, Biscuit got more visit from the United State than from Indonesia- where I from.

That can be caused by many factors but as far as I know Indonesians are not so familiar with sharing image saying, funny image, one line joke on social media so I guess they don't browse much. huh?.. It can be shown by the rareness of saying image in Indonesian Language [Bahasa] when you try to search it on the web as well. Well, at least maybe not until recently coz now I can find one or two saying images in Bahasa- on my fb feed for example which ofc shared by Indonesian folks but the quantity still not as many as those made in English version.

I am lucky coz I got many people on my fb from many different countries so I could find saying images translated in French and other language too like Spain etc but most of them are actually the translation from the English version.

But how about Joke? I think many Indonesian likes it. They don't share much on social media either but you can find it on the web with the right keyword.

On the other hand one line joke in Indonesian language started to become very popular now. Those one line joke accounts in Twiiterland indicate it.

Anyway, On my screenshot below is so far, the only post in Indonesian at Biscuit  its a very very funny story but you need to understand bahasa and some local terms to understand the funny parts of it.
Wish I could post more of this in the future.

This is absolutely one of my fav and its on Sheet 4, it got 63 pageviews- seriously, why?! I need to promote this again later!


5. Sitting at number one on page 5 is this post below, got 764 pageviews so far.

Here's my fav on Sheet 5, only 16 pageviews. O.o! that's funny coz I think this one is FUNNY!

6.Sum thing wong with the grammar but this is number one most viewed post on Sheet 7 with 200 pageviews. 

7. And All bad girl goes to London. What else?:) I always found one like joke like this, hope non gets offended. This number one most viewed post taken from sheet 7 with 49 pageviews.

"Loyal husbands will go straight to Heaven..and Unloyal will enjoy Heaven on Earth !! The choice is yours" _ Bangkok tourism

8. Totally agreed. Biscuit also likes to give one of those smiles to you. Number one most viewed post on Sheet 8. 18 pageviews. Will it gets more views? You decide. :)
"If you see someone without smile give them one of yours"

I used to posted lots of funny short stories on my early 3 months at Biscuit. Biscuit all time pageviews back than was below 5000.

Here's one of them,  "Elisabeth"  from Sheet 8. Tot 16 pageviews since it first posted but its my fav and I think I'll need to promote older posts like this one later.  Damn funny! :D

There was a married couple sleeping and a psycho killer entered into their house.  
The killer put a knife to the neck of the woman and said, “I like to know the names of my victims before I kill them, what is your name?” 
”My name is Elizabeth,” the woman replied. 
The killer said, “You remind me of my mother who was also named Elizabeth, so I can’t kill you.”  
The killer then turned to the husband and asked, “What is your name?”  
“My name’s Phillip, but my friends call me Elizabeth too."

Well you've saw some of the posts on Biscuit, browse around to get more and share! share! share!

Biscuit is hosted by Chef Mig- a character I created for the blog.

Sadly, Chef Mig always had trouble uploading his own picture and ended up like this,

so he decided to replace it instead with this cute little doll like this,

Chef Mig hopes you like it since there's no appropriate profile picture that can be sexier than his.:P
He said he will cook more biscuits for you to share away. Go have one and pick your own flavor!

Biscuit by Chef Mig.

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