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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello hello Bandung lovers!!!

Love to come to Bandung to shop till drop or enjoy famous Bandung foods? well, you might want to scream also at the largest Indoor Theme park, launch on Saturday 18 June 2011, called TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG or TSB.

Yep after the first Trans Studio launched in Makassar, South Sulawesi, in 2009 now its Bandung turns.
Studio Trans Makassar alone has 20,000 m2 wide and 20 meters high indoor theme park beats Disneyland in the United States and Lotte World  in South Korea, which spans around 1.7 hectares indoors. The 22 rides and attractions in Trans Studio Makasar for the theme park are designed by John Stevenson the director of the animation movie Kung Fu Panda, even so Studio Trans Bandung is one of the biggest in the world, built in 4.2 hectares indoors and advertised as "An integrated world class Family Entertainment center "

I went there with my brother on Sunday or the next day after its opening day and of course I want to share the pics me and my bro took while we were there .

I am just glad I finally manage to post it today by the way coz I had to wait my brother to email the pics as he took the camera with him when he rushed back to Jakarta where he stays UGH.

..and because my brother-again, had to go back to Jakarta on the same day at 8 pm and we arrived at Trans studio at 11am, we only had like 6 hours so I didn't try every Trans Studio's Rides T_T- there's 20 rides and others attractions in three different areas with unique and different theme BUT at least I tried all the extreme!

Here' s the list of venues / rides at Trans Studio Bandung

* Trans City Theater
* Yamaha Rolling Coaster
* Giant Swing
* 4D Simulator / Marvel
* Vertigo
* Trans Car Racing
* Si Bolang
* Trans Broadcast Museum
* Trans Science Center
* Trans Movie Magic
* Jelajah
* Kong Climb
* Sky Pirates
* Amphitheater
* Black Heart's Pirate Ship
* Negeri Raksasa
* Dragon Raiders
* Pulau Liliput
* Dunia Lain
* Special Effect Action

Now lets go inside. Trans Studio Bandung is being built inside Bandung Super Mall so here we go....


I need to edit this part- the last one was not so clear, truly sorry coz I posted this fast and didn't re read or re- edit it again. Hihihi my bad, spank me!

On Saturday and Sunday ( Weekend ) or Indo's national holiday, a through ticket costs Rp. 200.000 per person or 70RM .

If you prefer VIP ticket, they will charge Rp. 200.000 extra so the total entry fee will be Rp. 400.000 per person.

The price of the ticket is down to Rp. 150.000 per person from Monday to Friday .

Note that these prices goes to all age and you only pay one time for all 20 rides.

When I bought the ticket, they said I also have to buy the Studio pass card and it cost  Rp.10.000.

This card functions like ATM, it's valid life time and you use this card to make all transaction to enjoy all rides at at Trans Studio. One card can be use by five person max. Ohw I got voucher from Metro dept store too which I don't use :P


Don't forget to get Trans Studio maps also.  It could be handy in 4.2  hectares indoor area.


Visitors are not allowed to bring food or drink inside, the Trans Studio's officers will check your bag and make sure you don't bring any of them but worries not coz there's famous restos and cafes inside where you can eat and drink like Baskin Robbins , Corvette Dinner, Coffee Bean, Studio Steak, Studio Kuring- for you who likes Sundanese Foods and many more.

Make sure you read the rules before you try all rides. Also if you bring any kids, you have to make sure they are above 135cm of height -its the minimum height for almost all rides.

And my tip for ladies, don't wear skirt. Wear pants instead for your safety. I saw a visitor who wearing jeans skirt and it makes her difficult to get on or sit on the rides.

Trans Studio Bandung is divided in three unique and different theme areas ;Studio Central, The lost City and the Magic Corner.

Studio Central is an extraordinary theater with 1960s theme. This area is packed in a spectacular display a la Hollywood.


There's grand opera house also with International standards in this area. Display shows the equivalent of Broadway Hollywood

I felt like I was walking in the center of entertainment here. ohw yeaaaa!


Here's local news paper " Pikiran Rakyat " which very identical with Jawa Barat, Bandung particularly and of course with "Mang Ohle" as its icon. I 'grew up reading this news paper btw and so with many Bandung citizen too I think. Its just nice to see it here.


The first simulator in the world featuring the superhero action.Combining the magic of multimedia and special effect. I didn't go inside so no inside pic, sorry- we didn't have much time for queuing and we decided to just have fun with our camera outside of it instead- blame my bro for being narcissistic, it was his idea hehehe

Enjoy also architecture from the era 60's . 



I really really wanted to try this one out BUT they said it wasn't ready to be operated yet- just when I didn't mind queuing for it :P

Why wouldn't I ?  
according to the info I got, this coaster is one of 3 top extreme roller coasters in the world with a speed of 120 km/hour racing down from a height of 50 meters in 3.5 second, man!!! There's only 3 in the world, two in America and one in Trans Studio Bandung .
Check out the the test mode- found it on You tube so you got what I mean!


and include also Trans car to you list! offers racing cars along a 7 hectares track

Update: Yamaha roller coaster is available now and so with the the Trans Car Racing.

swings to a height of 38 meter, if you don't scream you are weird!!! hahah

I have to say Vertigo is the most extreme!!! IT JUST CRAZY!!!!
Vertigo spins riders at a 45 m. height!

I was nervous just to look at it but I did try and Glad I did! Haaa ^^

I dont know who she is but my brother think she is cute. Aaaah yes she is ya:)




The adventure starts here..


 Feel the sensation of failing from the waterfall as high as 13 meters wohooo.... 


its 15 meter height!



Enjoy world -class performance by international artist and local parades as well as spectacular theater design and amazing special effect.




Besides Giant Swing and Vertigo, I also recommend this for the extreme ride.
Runway your adrenaline with special effect and multimedia technology. Visit the giant State above the clouds and the when the Giant ready to drop you from the 5th floor of building,be careful and screaaaaam!:D Again, Sorry fo no Giant State pic.

 I think  kids cant try all rides  some rides are too extreme for them but this one is medium , here they can practice riding the dragon  warrior Style.


I think Pulau liliput also quit safe for toddlers and kids besides Si BOLANG- sorry for pic tho. Pulau Liliput is soft play thematic for toddlers and fun adventure for children.



The other side story from Trans Studio- My version. LOL

Visitors  queuing for  hours !!!

well, at least they can eat and drink while enjoying the fine view after the long queue

I met Hendra Herlambang.*BLUS*
He is famous host at many Trans TV shows like INSERT, BIBROTHER INDONESIA -I like that reality show btw, and many more!

He is a nice friendly funny guy in real as you can see . Makasih Mas Indra:)

Well you can meet many other Indo celebrities at Trans Studio Bandung easily, especially those who work for shows or programs at Trans TV.


Before you leaving Trans Studio you might want to buy souvenirs and you can find them at Trans Studio Stores.

Well It was 6.30pm and my brother had train to catch. YAY.
Our time is running and it was time for me also to go home too!

I had so much fun and screamed a lot at Trans Studio Bandung. I totally recommend it so next time you visit Bandung you betcha not miss it. Its one of the best destination in Bandung. The only complain I have is no VIP Ticket please and let everyone queuing!


Stay tune for more update here at Mignonesia.

Source:Bandung Super Mall
Studio Trans Bandung


  1. semester breaks will be there,, can not wait to try all the rides @ trans studio

  2. @Andry, Hope you'll have fun there as much as I did!^^

  3. owh can't wait for my trip to Bandung this Oct..definitely gonna visit this place. Thanks for the post babe

  4. Thanks 4 the post Dita. Definitely we are going there this December!!! My children will be very excited. How much is the entry fee? BTW, I met many friendly and very generous Indonesians while in Makkah. A lady from Banjarmasin donated some Indonesian money to me!

  5. @Little me , You go have fun there lady ! ^^

  6. @Tk
    Ohw Asmah,I just catching up here- I been away from the net like 10 days hahaa am breaking the record here YAY. I think both of your kids will have fun there and they try all the rides as their big enough and oh its not just for kids so you should try them too, its crazy!!! The entry fee is Rp.200.000/ person, I think its 70RM? plus Rp10.000 for the Trans Studio Card. VIP ticket 400.000/person. All these prices goes to all age.
    Subhanallah, Thats interesting story you experience in Mekkah and the lady from Banjarmasin also...hm well hope you still keep the rupiah she gave you and maybe buy the TSB ticket with it heheheh. Semoga Umrohnya mabrur , Ameeeeen

  7. WOW WOW WOW KIRAIN SAYA AJA YANG BIKIN KAYA GINI HAHAHAHA kaka bisa lah berbagi dengan blog aku hehehe thx visit bernhartfarras.co.cc or b-hartblog.blogspot.com mungkin aja kita bisa sharing bareng hehe (Y)

  8. idihhh lengkap pisan ya. keren ah tar berkunjung kesana ah. kemarin awal-awal penuh pisan sih ya, gak kan sempet naik banyak wahana donk ya. moga-moga abis lebaran sepi :D

  9. @Maminx makasih sudah berkunjung dan feedbacknya. Ya dong main lah ke Bandung. Iya betul kl penuh antri pun bisa 2 jam , sumpeh lho kecuali pake VIp ticket antriannya gk sepanjang itu. Gud luck and have fun az deh ^^

  10. nice post and fruitful information.. thanks and keep it up.. will be visiting bandung next march.

  11. @Amar Ahmad, thank you! hope you enjoy your stay in Bandung and have fun!!!^_*

  12. Hi!!! Im from Singapore.. =) I was just wondering if it's worth it to buy the VIP ticket or not? VIP ticket,you don't have to queue right? & which shopping centre carry this brand, "Provider" & "Red Cable"? It's under mens t-shirt. Last time,i bought it at Batam. I was wondering if there is one at Bandung..

  13. @Darlingnayan from Singapore. Well I cant say its really worth coz you still have to queue- not too long queue ofc but as adult you can try many rides, prob wont have the time to try all the ride. If you bring kids,I don't think its worth coz those ride are too extreme for kids and they don't have much option its better BUT I don't think kids like to queue for hours just to try those rides so I guess those who bring kids will tend to buy VIP ticket for that reason. Provider and Red cable..try Paris Van Java Mall. Am not sure they have them but many international brand there.

  14. I meant to say this , sorry bad editing *BLUSH*
    @Darlingnayan from Singapore. Well I cant say its really worth coz you still have to queue- not too long queue ofc but at least as adult you can try many rides- prob wont have the time to try all the ride tho.If you bring kids,I don't think VIP ticket is worth coz those ride are too extreme for kids so they wont play much there- they don't have much option BUT on the other hand, I don't think kids like to queue for hours just to try those rides so I guess those who bring kids will tends to buy VIP ticket for that only reason.
    Provider and Red cable t shirt..try Paris Van Java Mall. Am not sure they have them but many international brand there.

  15. Wah, review komplit, seperti es campur, mantap apalagi diminum siang hari, :) terimakasih infonya.

  16. @Show and Production,
    waduw sama-sama. makasih sudah berkunjung, ya mudah-mudahan sesuatu ea.

  17. Hi Dita,

    Reviewnya komplit banget, untuk antrian Sabtu Minggu apakah se lama itu kira2 di bulan januari nanti ? Thanks infonya yaa. Jam berapa kami harus datang yg kira-2 ngga begitu antri.

  18. Hello Cenil ,
    Maaf nih baru bisa balas commentnya. Makasih banget udah mampir dan baca postingan eike cin. Kl bermaanfaat seneng banget jadi pengen banyak ngepost hhihihi. Sabtu-Minggu penuh az tuh. Tahun Kemarin hotel- hotel dibandung juga 100% penuh tingkat huniannya karena Trans studio juga keknya taun ini juga masih lanjut, terutama buat orang Malaysia, Singapore yang sering ke Bandung tapi belum sempat ke trans studio tahun kemarin.Hari biasa lebih pendek antriannnya, cobain hari senin gitu. Yamaha racing sama trans car udah bisa dipake sekarang, must try bgt sis. Datangnya Pagi az jam 10 gitu, itu bisaseharian kl mau coba semua wahana. Oh ya jangan lupa untuk tidak keluar gedung trans studio kl masih belum selesai ato masih ingin coba semua wahana soalnya kl keluar gedung kita gk bisa masuk lagi kecuali kita beli tiket masuk yang baru. Have fun di Bandung ea

  19. Review yang sangat menakjubkan, terimakasih atas tulisan yang begitu sangat berharga ini.


  20. Wow Wow Wow ada trans Studion Bandung, jadi maluu:) Ya begini az kita mah heheh. Makasih sudah memilih Bandung jadi kota kedua buat TSB, sukses terus dan salam buat semua di Trans corps!

  21. even i am not dare enough to try all the extreme ride but i am really want to spend my holiday there............ look at the pic it really interesting

  22. @Unknown, you should try at least one ride you wont regret it, I tell you, you prob want to try the rest! I was nervous as hell especially when I tried Vertigo but I glad I did and I know you can too! Happy spending Holiday in Bandung, Trans studio def a hot spot you don't wanna miss!

  23. Hi ... Im goin next month ,just would like to ask did u manage to see the parade? I wanted to know what time the parade...

  24. Hello dinamush, good for you. Gave fun and scream! :)

    What parade dear? I went there on its second day after TSB officially open for public. On the first day of its opening, TSB was specially opened only for the orphans in Bandung maybe from other area too-I dont know exactly, and those who were invited only but I remember the Trans TV - Trans TV and TSB are part of Trans Corp, reported it live on TV and everyone can watch even viewers in Malaysia too, of course there was celebration etc but when I went there, there wasn't any parade or which Parade do you mean?

    Anyway, there occasional events in Trans Studio- usually related to one of Trans TV programs, the time depends on their schedule which ofc I do not know also and I am not always watching TV- rarely actually :), to see the ads or broadcast them live on their TV station.

    Sorry can not really answer your question dinamush but I am sure it wont stops you from going. Agan, Have fun! xoxo

  25. sabtu ini aku mo kesana, thanks u.. kayaknya menantang banget ya ksana..

    1. Iya On Er,apalagi sekarang semua wahana udah jalan semua gk kek wkt dulu aku kesana,pasti seru deh. Have fun and scream ya!^^

  26. Salam Satu MALAYSIA OULLLS

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  27. nice articel :)

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