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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Before I begin I got to tell you how I miss posting!!! Arrrrrh.
I've been busy with orders for my online boutique and I got deadlines to catch so I have not much time left for me blog BUT today I manage to share what I up to last weekend and first I want to say Helloooo everyone and of course you Asmah, as this post is still dedicated to you^_* and if you guys wondering, Asmah is the author of teikakawashi1.blogspot.com

She said, "I love Bandung foods."

Well Asmah, you might want to try out this one I know on your next visit that you've been planned.^_*

As it keeps raining all day in Bandung lately and we walk like a duck here, I say why not we enjoy some ducks as well! Wkwkwkwkwk

Its not hard to find restos that serves Bebek or Duck in English here in the city I live, Bandung but my choise goes to a tent restaurant which located at Dago.

B2K AliBorme Syailendro is the name of this tent restaurant but they are well known as Bebek Goreng Boromeus since their tend restaurant is behind Boromeus Hospital area.

Anyway, This tent restaurant open in the afternoon but the best time to come to this tent resto is at night.
Many dine out here especialy Uni students as theres many Universities near the area aswell like ITB, UNPAD-I am one of the proud alumni of Unpad, thank you:-), UNISBA etc.

The bebek goreng I ate as shown in the picture above is unexpensive. One portion (rice+bebek goreng/fried duck+fresh raw vegetables) only cost IDR 12.500,- or around $1.5! :-D
sorry for the poor quality image there btw and dont underestimate this tent resto or the price coz the bebek goreng they made are delicious! Dont surprise if you have to wait in queu to get the seat lol.

I must say they know how to cook Bebek. The Bebek's meat is sooo tender. This is why they are so famous here. Mmmmm yum yum!
Enjoy it with hot rice and add some tomato sambal, ohw parfait!!! Talking about Foodargsme lol :-P
The only I complain about their bebek goreng is I want more! Hahah
Go try this bebek Bromieus to prove it.^^

Other famous delicious Bebek in Bandung are:
*Bebek Darmo at Jalan Jawa/Jawa Street, near SMP 5
*Bebek Setan if you like spicy Bebek  at Jalan Lodaya/Lodaya Street, Near Palasari ( Book Market )
*Bebek van Java , they have yummy Bebek Bakar/ Grilled Bebek located at front of Madtari- Dipati Ukur area

In the mean time, stay tune for my next culinary tour Asmah and you, yes you and you and you and yea yea you too ok.;-)

Have a great day today everyone!
A bientôt! :-)


  1. I must thank you so much for the post. My husband especially love bebek. We even had bebek for Aidil Adha. My friend's daughter is now a student in UNIPAD. Most probably we are going to see her in BAndung. TQ TQ dear!

  2. You are most welcome,Asmah:)
    Glad to hear that and wow your friend daughter in UNPAD too? Well that's good!^^
    Am sure she knows all about Bandung now hahah. Say hi to her from me yaaa:)


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