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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Bandung- the West Java capital, Bandung City Tourism held Bandung Blossom 200th flower carnival. It is an annual event and it marked the finally of all events of Bandung Anniversary Celebration that has been held from October 15th to October 16th, 2010 which is yesterday in in my place and I am happy able to come to the event.
Actually there's a Mega show after this Balaikota parade or Balkot parade as Bandung citizens would call it, which I didn't attend as I need to finish some work and reply emails and really need to send them this week but I had fun at the event and even happier to share it with you all here. I heart Bandung!!!

Wilujeung tepang taun Bandung oge ka warga Bandung sadayana nya.. ti Mignonesia!:-*
huhuy ngangge bahasa Inggris emh meni ararisin yeuh ngan bilih nu ti luar nagri aya nu teu ngartos ieu teh, hapunteun we ah.;-)


Ps: Punten, sanes ka mang KOKO.:-D


  1. Oh I love carnivals. Wah aku terlepas la this flower festival. I'll be in Bandung on 1st December till 6th December! We'll take a flight to Jakarta first.Oh I miss Bandung food.

  2. ahahah I think many peps in Bandung also missed this event as its not held on Sunday.
    Oh you'll will be in Indo for a week! That's nice, hope you enjoy your stay. I'll see if I could post about nice pop restos here you might want to try out while you are in Bandung

  3. nice work, keep it up and have a nice day!

  4. Thank you so much for the visit!@ study article, and for the lovely comment!
    I just visit yours, informative articles you posted there, very good job indeed!^^

  5. loved all the colorful pictures... it's so amazing to learn about the culture sitting so many miles away. great post!

  6. Thank you Sonal, for the visit and for the lovely comment!
    I enjoy your posts too! Happy blogging.^^

  7. Thank You for the sweetest comment! I'm really glad you enjoy my blog! It makes me happy!

    I also think you're blog is wonderful! I love how you keep it so personal!

    I have also always wanted to visit Indonesia, and this post only makes me want to visit it even more! I definitely will one day!

    Keep in touch,
    Sofia Leo

  8. You are so welcome Shopia! I do enjoy your blog, You are pretty! and I love your fashion taste!

    Yes I keep my blog personal, its place for me to have fun on the net and connected with so many lovely peoples in any part in the world is my fav part! how cool is that!

    You should come to Indonesia then. You can also meet me in Bandung if you want. I will like that.

    I will surely revisit your blog,I havent finish checking all your post hahah.

    Take care!




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