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Monday, May 03, 2010

Recipe à la Dita: Guava Soup

Hello everyone! how was ur Sunday? Well mine is great! I started jogging on Sunday now and I cooked a delicious dessert and its great to enjoy on hot weather like we had right now in Indo. Yups after jogging, I stopped by at a traditional market to shop some fruits and I saw "Red" Guava. What first come to my mind was Guava soup! Hahah so I bought some and next thing I know I am busy cooking Guava Soup in the kitchen. Its easy to make and doesn't take much time to cook. Btw, I will post how Guava rich with vitamin C and antioxidant for Cancer etc on my Back to nature-Herbal.
Yes, go check it later lol.;-)
Now let me share the recipe of Guava Soup à la Dita.^^

What u need,

500 grams "Red" Guavas
(Cut into bite size pieces)
150 grams Palm sugar
4 cups of water
100 ml thick coconut milk
12 cm cinnamon stick
5 cm ginger (sliced)
1 Pandan leaf (tied in a knot)
1/2 ts Salt to rich the flavour

How to make,

*Bring water and the coconut milk to boil and simmer for around 2 mins.
*add ginger, cinnamon, pandan leaf to the simmering coconut milk
*Add palm sugar and stir till the palm sugar dissolves.
*Add salt and the guava and mix
*Serve chilled


Dita's tips:

* The guava should stay crounchy with its fresh color to maintain its nutrient benefits and vitamins so I always take it off the fire after less than 2 mins that is when the guava pieces are still floating. Yum Yum

*Remove the pandan leaf when it served.

*I found these after googling ok,

You can find Pandan leaf as herb, the essence is known as "Kewra" in Indian store or screw pine leaves in Asian stores- check the frozen section.

Bay leaf is a close alternative with a bit of tarragon and dried basil.

Or replace it with 1ts vanilla essence and stirr it just before you put off the heat.

Happy hunting!:-)


  1. Looks delicious! Unfortunately I cannot find this lovely stuff here in England lol (or in very expensive places)...I have to stick to green tea;)x

  2. Ah well I think I have solution for that! :-D, Venez chez moi and I'll cook it for you.;-)
    And we have same habit, I do drink green tea lol. XiXiXi

  3. Hi Dita. It's very difficult to find red guarva in Malaysia. I should say that it is actually non existence here nowadays. It certainly looks nice!!! Nanti aku ke Bandung cari itu sup guarva..hehe

  4. Wow! Are you coming to Bandung again? When?:-D
    Btw, how to say it, is it Guava or Guarva? hahah:-S I can always find red guarva here. The best are from Central Java, so I heard. In Bandung, Red Guava always available at front of Pasar Baru, traditional market near home and Yogya supermarket, Carrefour also- occationaly but why bother to shop it? I always have stock and u can have it later when u come!:-D

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm I think I'll try that.

  6. OMG! Mr. Donald is here! THANK YOU sooo much for the visit and YES you should try it! Oh wish I could ur cook!^^

  7. hello mignosia,
    It will be great weekend to me cause I'll try to make guava soup

  8. Hellooo Kelly!^^ Its Mignonesia actually but c'est pas grave heheh. Thank u for dropping in! Oh,I hope u like the soup, its one of my fav! Yum yum.:-D


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