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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fashion Feed: All About Fashion Color BLACK


Colors are non verbal communication. They create a physical and symbolism emotional reaction. Color have meaning beyond ink.- Jacci Howard Bear

Is black a color?
No, black is not a color: A black object absorb all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects non of them to the eyes, although in practice black can be considered a color.

In western culture, black has an undeserved bad name melancholy and evil but in ancient Egypt, black represent life and rebirth in homage to the black soil of the Nile Valley. In part of Africa, black associated with rain clouds, a symbol of prosperity and live. The Cathar saw black as a color of perfection.

In western fashion, black is considered stylish, sexy elegant and powerful.

Black was primarily used for mourning before CoCo Chanel introduce it as a fashion color in 1926 with her Little Black Dress which was risqué at that time and caused a sensation.

Little Black Dress or known as LBD has become the epitome of timeless fashion.

Height of chicness in a little black dress makes everyone wants to own at least one perfect LBD.
Use the color of black to convey elegant, sophistication or perhaps a touch of mystery.
Dark charcoal gray and very dark brown can sometimes stand in black.
Be careful using black with very dark colors, it can work but if the color are too similar they blend together.
Black works well with bright, jewel toned, shades of red, blue and green.
Black is the ultimate dark colors such us yellow really pops out.
Black and gray is conservative combo as is medium or light blue.

Black happen to be my all time favorite color that's why I googling about it and decided to share infos I could find with you all here. Hopely this article informative enough to rich our knowledge.

Above is the first design of Little Black Dress that Coco Chanel created in 1926: The first LBS was a slash-necked short silk dress with only diagonal pin tucks as decoration, seem rather plain perhaps too simple to modern eyes at least compared to the LBS design we have today and also famous picture of Mademoselle Gabriell "CoCo" Chanel introduced costume jewelry in particular strings of pearls.

Dita ^_^


  1. Helloooooo I love the color black! Indeed very chic and stylish ^_^. Very informative post! I really like it! White is also considered 'not a color' if I'm not mistaken right?

    Hope all is well!!


  2. Helloooooooo back Tj. Oh yes, wearing black makes me feel authentic! ^_^
    I think everyone will look perfect in black.
    And White, oh I thought white isnt a color but actually white is a color! I surpised myself, Hahah. I will post about white later for you.
    I am glad u like my post. I always enjoy all your post and love those creative drawing you created.
    I decided to continue posting about color. I know talented creative people like you work a lot of colors. I love colors myself. Colors just make things look beautifull.


    Ps.I read ur tweet, drink orange juice to stop ur sneezing. Always work on me.;-)

  3. I like too, black color combination.
    its pretty awesome combination,

  4. Oh is it? well thats great! We have same taste in color then. Isnt that cool or what!^^
    I love love love color black and yes Sai, when you match black with any color, you still will looks perfect. Black looks gud in everyone. Thanks to black we know what to wear. ^^


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