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Saturday, June 01, 2013


What a long hiatus on my blog and look at my Alexa rank, it stooped showing data.Yay. 
Doesn't worry me much tho coz I know how it works but I do need to get done those drafts and post 'em.:P Just glad I'm finally got the mood and especially time to write again and so I manage to post this one today.

As mentioned on the tittle above, this post will talk about music, foods, laugh and fun at this popular weekly event in my town, Bandung. It is named Dago Car Free Day because the event I am going to talk about is held at Dago area or Djuanda Street which is one of the main street  and also one of the hangout hotspot in town.

See that image above? Thats a funny game I found at the event called Raja Gempol game, well I think- that's what it said on the yellow board heheh.  

With only IDR 3.000 or equal with 1RM- and thats not even $1btw, you can throw wet sponges those guys from the game peps who will happily volunteer being tortured by you on that yellow board to get some money which I think kinda witty.

I dunno what they do with the money they got, prob just for fun and worries not, I don't see anyone gets  injured and these funny guys are actually college students. 

Yup, you can easily found students in Bandung coz besides shopping, culinary and holiday destination, Bandung is also well known for their Uni and schools. Many of the best Uni and School in Indonesia are located in Bandung and you can find many students study here from all over the country, as well as some exchange students from abroad.

Anyways, you can watch the entire game on this video on my you tube channel.

Was forced to create one when I tried to post the vid  from my mob but then- thanks to my clumsiness, when I tried to create the account, my blog got blocked  for about 3 weeks from 18th Feb 2013 to 8th March 2013 and was risque to be deleted forever. Glad it all passed with helps of a good friend who works at Google and ofc the Google team et voil√†: my own you tube channel. Ahem. 

Why the vid shaky you asked? that's because I forgot to turn on the stabilizer on  my cam setting muahahaha, silly me! I've tried to edit the vid and fixed it with You Tube stabilizer tool but it doesn't help much-apparently.:P but that was the first time I ever uploaded a vid on the site. Next vid should be better, until then, bear with me? :D

Also kindly bear with another shaky vid of mine below.:P

This one on the vid below is a funny too but you have to understand Bahasa, plus know Bandung very well to understand the funny part of the lyric, sorry!

In Dago Car Free Day, you can find what Bandung peoples likes, creativity and niche.

Bandung people or Sundanese in general, are pretty relax, friendly and creative. They like music, laugh, foods, fashion, creating things and they are also always enjoy entertain others, have fun and joke around even with stranger and you can spot that easily here too.

Bandung peoples are fond of music. Many famous talented musicians, singers, bands in the country are from this city. But not just music, many also into instruments. Like these students of music major from one of the Uni in town. Ugh, I wish I could play violin!

Not just play instruments, you can do anything fun you want at Dago Car Free Day. Like this art performances for instance.

or promoting your comunity, 

Spend time time and have fun with friends or peoples who share the same niche.

Since it is car free day so bike and your feet are the only vehicle that allowed to use during the event. If you don't bring your bike then rent a bike for IDR 3000 per hours and there many type of bikes you can choose; Ontel, folding bike, pixie, etc.

I found this handmade wooden bike pretty cool btw.. but its someone's bike, not for rent.

 Or maybe you want to get a horse or rent a wagon instead?

Or just walk your dog like this pretty girl. Her Siberian husky has pale blue gorgeous eyes, too bad I missed to snap it. Haha.

Wish my eyes have its own cam coz me like to records and snap things I found interesting. Like this traditional treat that almost vanish and rarely found these days called Tutut which local language for water snail.

In west Java,  locals prefer to cook Tutut  in a thin curry with strong galangal and turmeric seasoning.

Similar to Tutut is Escargot or Land snail. I like escargot especially crunchy fried one but unlike escargot, Tutut is smaller like shown in the pic .


Water snails have this strong metallic and earthy taste, very much like escargot, only that with a chewy and jerky texture unlike the soft escargot; more like shellfish only much tougher.

As for the taste itself, it contains only low level of savoriness and lacked strong flavor, hence heavy seasoning is almost always a necessity.

Above is the small portion of Tutut I bought. Only cost Idr.3.000- thought its very cheap for food with lots of proteins.

It was the first time I ever ate water snail and was quite challenging pulling the snail out and kinda a bit "ribet" as locals would say or in other word a lot of efforts coz you have to suck it hard to get the meat out even with that little stick.

Btw, I wish they use leave instead the foam plate. Styrofoam is not biodegradable. Never never heating food in microwave using it, its danger for your health. Yes, I did ate the food feeling guilty to myself. Owell.

Another "ribet" street food I bought is this sosis swirled potato chip. Don't you like potato chip? I do. :)

Unlike the tutut seller -which is the only seller I found at the Dago car free day area, the spiral potato with huge sausage seller are everywhere and so with the grilled sausage seller. I don't get it.  But those sausages are halal coz all made from beef and not pork.

I liked watching these sellers cook those potatos. Wish I can cook like that at home.

They should give more than one potato for each. Agree?

Kids likes it too tho. Yea so I like kid's foods. :D

so many people selling foods..

I like the free yogurt porridge from my brother's friend stall. Anything free is always fine by me. Muahahaha!

Ohw, some sell fashion too.

I love photography, wish I have those!

or you can rent them from this lady. Thats cool service since those are quite expensive but oops I did it again. O.o
I almost forgot, I got an email couple months ago from this guy who call me an au pair for my habit promoting and review things for free on my blog. Ouchie. :D  I had to laugh at his ‘sinister looking calmness’ phrase. Well, first, I must say I am impressed how he have spent his time writing an email just to telling me that but you know, my blog is a monarch and am the Queen so um, this Queen will do whatever she please on her blog.

Anyways, Au pair is a job too and I found nothing is wrong with it so top hat to all au pair out there and to you know who you are and those who might concern, I got little reminder from Lana for ya. :) 

Never allows negative peps rent a room on you head, kick them out and raise the rent. Just sayin' . ❤

I love being kind but  lets go back to the Op, shall we?

Car Free Day is not only held in Bandung but in every big cities in Indo, even small cities now following it in response to world wide car free day movement, global warming awareness besides the environment awareness programs of the city govt.

With 1.2 millions vehicle being used in Bandung- 400.000 cars plus 800.000 and this numbers are not yet even include those vehicles that comes from several cities around Bandung cities, this capital of West Java does need to reduce their air pollution at least for several hours in a week.

Was held for the first time in  9 May 2010 Bandung. This  weekly event is continue held every Sunday morning from 7am to 10am till today.

So  if you want to meet locals, enjoy foods, some music and fun with your family or friends , enjoying the fresh air on Sunday morning together while helping Bandung get its fresh air again then then why not join it. 

 And you never know who you will meet, the current Governor of West Java Province.

I personally think Dago Car Free Day is quite crowd now but I had fun always. I went there my brother, my family and my friends and have some fun quality time with them.

Even my first niece and her bear, Monie  enjoyed it. Oh yea she is.. She lives in other town with his mommy -my sister, and her dad, miss my angel so muchie btw. ❤❤❤!

I gotta go now and eat my lunch. Happy starting the month of  June y'all!

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