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Thursday, December 27, 2012


[Harish] Mc Uneek

What comes into your mind when someone says 'hip hop' ? That bling bling, that women, that larger than life persona ! Well, here's a rapper who challenges the stereotypical image of hip hop and talks about matters that matter the most. MC Uneek, from India, brings out a suppressed style of hip hop to life and adds a new flavor to every track that he puts out !


Here's my online interview with my friend, my fav rapper, the one and only: [Harish] MC Uneek.

Me: I always wonder what MC stands for and I know you for a long time. Can you help me solve the mystery? :)

MC Uneek: A master of ceremonies (MC or emcee), is the official host of a staged event or similar performance. An MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving.

Me: Oh, that MC. I thought it something else.:)
I always call you Uneek coz its just sounds right but which do you prefer being called, Harish or Uneek?

MC Uneek: Well, anything is fine. My friends call me Harish and people who dig my music call me Uneek. So, I really can't choose between the two.

Me: So Uneek, from all the music genres, why choose rap? Rap is identical with young gen and you’re young. I also know you’re from Hyderabad, India-I never been there, I wish I have but I’ve browsed a bit about it, it’s one of the largest city in Southern India and according to my source, its a growing metropolitan. Does this somehow influence your music preference?

MC Uneek: Well, from all my experiences with music in the past, I have realized that hip hop is just my thing. I don't consider it as a music genre, instead, I perceive it as a culture. It had this divine element that attracted me and as I grew up as an artist, I've realized that rapping can be instrumental in bringing out positive change among its listeners. Also, I figured out that the content you write in your songs depends on what you grasp and learn from hip hop. I agree that initially, for an amateur listener, rap teaches aggression and extravagant swag but to a more intelligent and hip hop culture-literate listener, the greater good comes out from hiding. And definitely, the place where you live in and the situations among which you grow up in, situations you deal with, influence your taste in music.

Me: In your opinion, how is Rap music in India, in general? How is it develops? I know Rap is from west culture but how people in India respond to this music genre? Is it popular music among the youth like in the West?

MC Uneek: A larger part of the Indian community has noticed hip hop's existence. It is still in a crucial developmental phase and I see positive results down the lane. Largely, hip hop and rap are perceived as ''cool'' by most of the urban youth in India. Also, unfortunately, most of the kids think they will come across as cool if they try and ape hip hop, leaving behind the fundamentals. It is quite popular here now, but for all the wrong reasons.

Me: Is your family musical? What do they think about your music?

MC Uneek: I do not come from a musical background. Though my family isn't music literate, they have been there to support me throughout and admired every bit of art I've produced. It's almost unbelievable how a strong emotional bonding can take a person to unparalleled heights. I am grateful to my family and all my supporters and I am what I am today solely because of them.

Me: Do you have any rapper that influence your music or you learn from? and which musician inspire you the most?

MC Uneek: Yes, I draw my influences from Immortal Technique, Nas, Reks, Pac and Kendrick Lamar. Plus, there a lot of other rappers who teach me constantly through their tracks. I've been largely influenced by the 90's hip hop.

Me: Tell me about your music, how would you describe it? when and how did you started?

MC Uneek: I would like to describe my music as an effort to bring out a positive change in its listeners. My lyrics are mostly based on things that people can relate to. Things, that I think, affect people the most. I started listening to rap when I was 14 years old and I fell in love with this track ''In da Club'' by 50 Cent just because I couldn't get enough of the beat. It has been a colorful journey so far.

Me: I watched your vids right after you launched them, those are great. Did you do all that by yourself? I mean I know you wrote the lyrics but do you also arrange your music ? Do you play instruments?

MC Uneek: Yes, I do the lyric videos all by myself. I taught myself the operations of different software and platforms. Also, I am quite acquainted with the different studio and recording procedures. I play the guitar.

Me: The lyrics are AWSM, I honestly can’t sing them easily but then again am not a rapper hehehe! They’re Just brill and I agreed with those comments on your Fb, you got the rhyme Uneek! How did those words come into your head?

MC Uneek: Thank you Dita ! It's hard to explain that ! I think it's all about constantly improving your vocabulary and knowledge and leave it to the art in you to do the magic.

Me: How did you get inspiration for your songs from?

MC Uneek: I rely on different sources to provide me the inspiration to write and record. Mostly, these sources are the day to day happenings around me.

Me:  I see you have a message in every song you wrote but I think its better if I heard them straight from you, Uneek. Tell me what “All that you need”, “Friend” and your latest one "Better Days” are about.

MC Uneek: I wrote 'All That You Need' three years back. It was the first time ever I wrote to a beat. It was all unrestricted lyrical cadence lengths till that point. It basically introduces me to the rap game and also hints at what kind of music listeners can expect from me in the future.
'Friends', obviously, embraces the best people around you and your relationship with them. It also shouts out to the people to co-exist and prioritizes non-violence.
'Better Days' came out when I felt I needed to strike a chord of realization among the urban youth. It basically helps people who are ''carried away'' by certain things, so much so that they unknowingly lead that sort of lifestyle.

Me: I can always visit your You tube channel to enjoy you music online but do you do public perform also where people can enjoy your music live?

MC Uneek: Yeah I do perform regularly in pubs and at various events around the city. I've also started to DJ, recorded three successful gigs so far.

Me: What is your future plan in music industry? How do you see yourself in musical industry in 5 or 10 years?

MC Uneek:: That's an intriguing question. The hip hop industry in India is just shaping up. I intend to take hip hop into the people just like any other Indian movie song. I plan on performing regularly, make music, write songs and also establish a production house and help upcoming talented rappers and hip hop artists in the country.

Me:  Are you good in School? How do you see your career in music and education? Are you working on them together on the same time? or what’s on your priority now?

MC Uneek: I am a Computer Science graduate and yes, I've been a good student throughout. I currently work as a systems engineer for a company called Infosys. Work is what I need to do to earn money, music is what sets me free. There are no priorities as such, I'll take things as they come.

Me: If you could write a song in any other music genre, which genre would it be?

MC Uneek: Well, I used to be the vocalist of a rock band in my 12th. So definitely, other than hip hop, I'd like to make a rock song. It's a completely different experience, jamming with musical instruments. Also, I'm a big fan of progressive trance. So I may make a song or two in that genre.

Me: Last question, what do you want to say to people who listen to your music?

MC Uneek: I'd like to thank them for listening to my songs. Much Love ! Your support means a lot !

Thank you so much Uneek for the time and for the friendship.Wish for the best for your music career and for your personal life. Much love and everyone, here another one great one from MC Uneek, "All that you need."  Enjoy and stay tune for more special updates here at Mignonesia. Peace out!


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  1. nice interview and a great rapper.

    1. Yes he is! :) thank you for the visit and the comment Duncan. ^^

  2. enjoyed reading the interview and knowing more about Uneek....... love his lyrics and raps!

    1. Thank you Sandhiya for dropping by and for the time reading the interview. I enjoyed interviewing him as well. From his lyrics to his answers, I know he is not only make great music but also a smart guy.^_*

  3. As a fan ! i would say only one thing dude, "you are superb"!
    enjoyed reading the interview,u always been inspirational.

    1. Thank you Naren. Glad you stopped by and read the post and for the kind comment from a fan like you. Uneek through his music indeed inspiring!

  4. great....keep it upppp.....allll the best....:)

    1. Thank you aneela. :) All the best goes to your way as well. Happy blogging! :)

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