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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

ISLAMIC FASHION [part 1]- Hijab Trend in Indonesia.

via sitisstreet.blogspot

Hello visitor. We are in April already, how time flies!

Its been a long time I did not update my fashion feed. and yep, as you read in the title, Hijab has catched my attention. Today I want to share about Hijab Trend in Indonesian [ part 1] and also How To Wear Hijab Indonesian Style Tutorial [Part 2].

Many muslim woman in Indonesia choose to wear hijab or jilbab in local term and so with some of my friends and family.

I myself don't wear hijab but I amazed with how hijabbers- common local term for hijabi, make the symbolic headpiece become a way to express not only their beliefs but also their styling ability. The creativity of hijabbers in Indonesia has also inspired and influence the way other muslim woman in other countries wear their hijab and the world of Islamic fashion in general.

The limited option in term of wardrobe when wearing hijab seemed could not stop many young woman in Indonesia experimenting with fashion option and ways of wearing their hijab with attitude.

Combining various colors, pattern and texture into the typical hijab attire is how to wear a hijab Indonesian style makes the hijab colorful, form- fitting and incorporates different fabrics simultaneously.

Natural fiber is more preferable. Breathable, soft and cool materials as you see in these pictures above and below, are definitely intended to suit Indonesian climate.

Some list of materials often used for these hijabs in the market I often found are Cotton, Paris Cotton, Rayon Cotton- I like it myself very comfortable to wear and I like its hand's feel, Cotton Jeans, Denim, Combed cotton, All type of Spandex; spandex rayon, spandex cotton also lycra, Chiffon, Sateen, Jersey, Slumb Jersey, etc etc

 via fashionnewdesign.com

cotton shawls (are so popular), wrapped in loose style and mostly are in plain colors or stripes.

  Photo copyright by Hijabbers Community [HC] Jakarta, Indonesia

via tiananana.blogspot

Casual look with lots of cotton materials and draperie -style clothing seems to be the trend among the young hijabers. 
via tifanianglila.com                         via phutelarasati.blogspot

'tie-dye' motifs on shawls, skirts and dresses, pleated skirts, tiered skirts, hooded tops,

via tifanianglila.com                                                      moshaict.blogspot

 Photo copyright by Hijabbers Community [HC] Jakarta, Indonesia

via inalucya.blogspot

long loose-fitting clothes made of cotton, such as: long cardigan, maxi dresses or jumpsuits, long skirts, bat-wing sleeves, also harem pants and wide/super wide-legged trousers, etc.

via inalucya.blogspot

Big headbands, brooches, necklaces, and also belts, to accessorize the look.

Suchi Utami                                                     Nuzahra

Photo copyright by JG Photo/ Lisa Siregar  via The Jakarta Post

via inalucya.blogspot

Greater variety in inner scarves (crossed, layered, accessorized, lace, colorful, etc.)

 via blogcatalog

kaftans, for wedding party or other formal occasions.

There's many other models and designs but these are that seems to be trend now and you'll find them easily, especially in big cities in Indonesia.

Coco Chanel said that fashion fade.
Question: is this hijab trend among hijabi fashionistas reflects religious values or simply style?

Obviously wearing hijab is an obligatory for a muslim. The fact that many people-even women, still have wrong perception about hijabs has encourage some young muslim woman in Jakarta to establish a community called HC stands for Hijabbers Community in November.

Supported by Moshaicte Boutique, to these young hijjabers in HC, dedicating live to Islam doesn't means escaping from the normal life at all.

Among other challenges they have to deal, HC  aim is to provide a place for Muslim woman to share and learn about Islamic way. They can be fashionable while retaining their religious value.

"The HC’s primary goal is to create a place where Muslim women can gather and learn from one another about Islam. They help women find inner religious consciousness and resist the idea that a hijab is just for style." -The Jakarta post

The Hijabbers community are very active in social media so if you want to find them simply google it. :)

In the mean time, you can check my Islamic Fashion Part 2, HERE - showing you step by step how to wear these Hijab Indonesian styles.

The Jakarta Globe


  1. kunjungan sob ..
    mau bagi-bagi kalimat motivasi sob ..
    "ada kalanya cahaya dalam hidup kita padam namun di nyalakan kembali oleh seseorang.
    setiap dari kita berutang terima kasih yang terdalam bagi mereka yang menyalakan kembali cahaya kita."
    kunjungan balik ya sob .. :)

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  3. Hai, do u remember me? I'm batik lover ^^
    btw, I'm holding a giveaway of 5 vintage pieces! see how to join, on vloething.blogspot.com!

    1. Sure I remember you Feli and your Batik header and theme as well.^^
      And Am on my way to you blog dear.

  4. Indonesians are very fashionable. I loike..love this post.
    Malaysians are also wearing similar hijab style.
    Thanks for sharing those hijab fashion websites.

  5. ohw thank you TK and Yes,the trend spread around Asia even to middle east already now after its booming in Indo about 3 or 4 years ago and still continue until today.

    I hope the tutorial useful coz I read many fashion articles talking about Indonesian Hijab style but they don't show how to wear them.

    I don't wear Hijab but very happy to share post about it. Thank you for the feedback, TK! truly appreciated!

  6. hijab sound interesting. but i can't wearing that :(

  7. But you wearing hijab already.:) or did you mean, you cant follow the tutorial on this part2 post? If that the case I can understand, they are pretty tricky but am sure they are not as difficult as it looks. I c you are from Garut [?] maybe you have hijabers friend from Bandung who know how. Sometimes learn from your friends can be a lot easier than follow the step by step with images, why not try that instead. ^_*

  8. salam kena...
    Artikelnya menarik..dan untuk pilihan modlnya cukup banyak..
    oya kalau untuk soal trend kaos kaki muslimah yang terbaru seperti apa ya..

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