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Sunday, April 03, 2011


I have to say Indonesia has become blackberry nation. Everyone have it or wish for it. Not to mention Android, iphone ipad - dont we love gadget!!! Because I see so many ppl seems so attach with their mobile, I wonder if you could live without it.
I started the discussion and its sooo interesting to hear what other blogger opinion about it. I would like to hear more, so came on share yours too! ^_*

Can you live without cell phone?

well can you? I can but I like gadget in general and I do like using my mob and I dont mind being reachable at anytime too. Maybe it just me or do you have your own opinion? lets share it :)


  1. gak bisa kaenya sih dit kalau aku mah. Karena kebutuhan kerja gitu. kecuali kalau lagi misalkan di kampung halaman berapa minggu gitu, nah boleh lah tuh bisa melalui hari hari tanpa gadget bahkan tanpa tv atau radio atau internet sekalipun. Menikmati suasana aja gitu, hehehe.

  2. @mammix oh I c I c, sama sih akyu juga. Susah ya boo kl gk ada handpun, sepiiii hehee kecuali kl lg menyepi ya no mob boleh.
    Thank you ya udah mampir dan feedback nya

  3. ya i can i experianced that before wen ma Nokia N97 got problem n it take 2months to repair itbut ma life goes as normal as it isso its not big deal for many to live without cellphonejust one thing can happen that as we use to our gadget for some reasons like to check score or search on net or to play songs that habbit lets ur hand goes to ur pocket even if ur celphone not there heheheheits ma experiance for first 2weeks without ma cellphoneso its lil hard for few time but not for long time :-)

  4. I c you don't glue to your mob then Ritu, Me too but I hate when its broken tho.
    I have net connection on my mob but I always forgot to play to those song I have in my playlist Hahaha I use it more to snap pic.
    Anyway You are on my blog roll now so keep update ur blog buddy and let your visitor enjoy their visit. ^-*

  5. There's a chance you are qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.


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