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Monday, January 10, 2011

Virgin Beaches at Pameumpeuk , South Garut

How was your first week of the new year 2011? was it same like any week last year? I surely hope not! but if it was then maybe you need to plan holiday soon this year and this post might inspires you hahah. ^-*

The city of Garut in West Java, capital of the regency of the same name, is close to a lot of interesting places. The South beach , Pantai Santolo or Santolo Beach and the wide area of South Garut is very fabulous place.
The "virgin" beach is never discover before is such a perfect description.

I did went to Santolo Beach with my sister and my little brother back in 2009. It was my first went to that beach and it was one of the best trip. Too bad I cant share the pictures - I have technical problem here and can not fix it sorry...

Anyway, I always like beach. I must say its one of my fav place on earth besides nice places and my mind :P
I love watching the wave, the blue sky and if you got lucky you can see beautiful sunrise right :)

FYI: I don't like hiking or camping. I mean, I cant sleep in the middle of no where and cant even change my clothes the next day. YAY!

I didn't have a change to go to the beach this year but my brother Rio did, with his friends but he went not only to Santolo Beach but also to other beaches in Pameumpeuk area like Sayang Heulang (Sayang Elang) and Parenge. He snapped some picture of course and he let me sharing some of them with you all here.

Here they are:

These pictures are taken from 3 different locations, Santolo, Sayang Heulang and Parenge.

I remember when I went to Santolo Beach, it took hours to get there from Bandung where I live but it was worthed.
Me and the rest of my family are jealous here lol so we plan to go to these beaches some where this year, well I must say Insya Allah to that ya.

Here's my first brother, we call him Rio at home but all his friends and colleagues call him Gilang. :)

Viola, I finally manage to publish my first post this year hahah.

I will be back. No worry, I still alive.:P
I just a little busy, that's all.
So stay tune!


Ps: How do you like my blog's new look? I hope its a lot simple and cleaner than before now.

Huge thanks to "A" in Bali for the feedback and advice. ^-*


  1. I love garut :) So that is Santolo beach that you told me about. It's a lovely beach indeed. Indonesia has beautiful beaches!!
    I am so glad I live near the beach..and always love the sight of the beach .
    FYI, I don't like camping and hiking too ok..
    My hubby is going to Bandung again in February with his friends :)

  2. I like your blog's new look. Yes, it's simple and looks neat. Sometimes I do feel like I wanna make my blog looks very simple too. Hope you had a lovely first week of 2011 .

  3. @TK,Theres many other places you can visit in Garut,I haven't explore the city myself heheh but I will like too when I had a chance.

    Oh you right , when I am writing this post I remember you live near the beach , you are so lucky aren't you! oh so jealous meee!!! heheheh kidding

    Your hubby is going to Bandung?
    Hmm well let him have sum fun his friends then hehehe

    I think your blog looks simple already, mine wasn't- too much Advertisement and too many colors so my reader told me hahah

    I haven't check your update but I will tomorrow, its passed my bed time already here so I'll check your update tommorow!^^


  4. I love this beach!!! very nice place to enjoy!!!!

  5. Thank you Sai!I couldnt agree more. On my way to check your updates here!^-*


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