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Monday, July 12, 2010

Degung Sunda

Degung is unique type of gamelan. Degung developed in 19th century in small courts of  Bupati [Regents] who were Indonesian Rulers under the Dutch and it has become increasingly widespread among the general populace since Independence in 1945.

Nowadays it is often played at wedding receptions, or as background music.
The middle class consider it more 'up-market' because of its former aristocratic connections. At the same times, It has also become the vehicle for a certain type of Sundanese popular music.
Please Enjoy.:)

*Image is curtessy of  Sekar Enggal,
Gamelan degung Puspa Nugraha 1992 . Photo by Willy Robinson


  1. I have never listen to Dengung Sunda. Harus ke Bandung dan dengar..In school, I am the advisor teacher for the school's Gamelan team. My students can play Gamelan very well but not me!. Next week there will be a Gamelan workshop and we are going to learn Gamelan Jawa and Gamelan Bali.

  2. Wow! Gud to hear that you all will have Gamelan workshop at your school and planning to learn gamelan. I want the full report lol! Hahah
    I learn a little bit of gamelan sunda when I was in elementary school. I remember it was fun but I completly forgot how to play those instruments now hihihi but am sure I still know how to play Gong, coz that the easy one!:-D If u want to learn traditional instrument in Bandung , I sugest you to visit Saung Mang Udjo, many tourist visit this place and here they can learn angklung. ^^
    I have to post it here later next time.:-)
    Gud luck and have fun learning gamelan Jawa and Bali to you all there from us here in Indo.;-)


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