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Monday, October 21, 2013

MUJIGAE [ MUJIGAE CiWALK ]- Bibimbap and Casual Korean Food Resto in Bandung.

So after another long hiatus on my blog, am back with another food/resto review from my culinary trip in my town, Bandung.:P

In this post I will talk about my experience with Korea Cuisines. YAY

As we're all know, the popularity of South Korean culture or well known as Korean Wave in most part of the world begins in the late 90s; from K pop, K dramas, language, technology including smartphone, automobile, animated comic, film to cuisine BUT even ten years after and with the Korea fever in Indonesia  sweeping all over the country till today, Mujigae-a new thematic resto in Bandung, seemed still not too late responding this Korea trend and gets their own popularity among the Korea fans in town in less than a year after their first launched in Avril 10th, 2013.

well, I have confession to make in this post though! see, I am that view peps in the country who is not so much into the Korea thingies except maybe their technology and ofc their cuisine. Ha Ha
I said technology mainly because I use gadgets in my daily life and who doesn't know the Korea technology which impressed the world and the fact that I like having exotic experiences tasting all type of different foods from any part of the world whenever possible , ofc made Korea cuisines on my long wish list.

So without further due, shall we just go to this Korea resto that recently seems to be vague among the locals in the city.

Mujigae or better known by locals as Mujigae Ciwalk is a Bibimbap and Casual Korean Food Resto.

This young targeted resto with digital / Hi tech concept is located inside the Cihampelas Walk Mall [Ciwalk] at Cihampelas Young Street, where else but in the center of culinary biz in Indo, Bandung.

I might not the first who ever come to this resto after being lauched 8 months ago, but this resto has indeed become one of my fav now and when I fav something, I always have the urge to make my own review and share it otherwise my head will explode. :D :P

but seriously guys,  I love taking my family and my friends here and would like to recommended this resto to anyone who found or visit my blog too.

As said earlier, Mujigae is a resto with digital concept- which I think one of their selling points, and you do will see and feel this Hi-Tech touch and ambiance right even before you enter the resto.

In the main entrance, you will see a virtual eoni which literally means elder sister of female. These real size hologram pretty looking Korea ladies played through a huge projector like shown in the picture above promoting the resto. I personally liked the one that wearing Hanbok- the Korean traditional costume which  missed to snapped, but if watching those virtual eonis annoys you, worries not as their waiters will soon greet you by saying those welcoming lines in Korean; "Annyeong Haseyo" which is a formal way to say "Hello" or "Nice to meet you" and its common greeting used in Korea to people you just meet or to older peoples and also, "Oso Oseyo" which means "Welcome" in English and I usually will just stood there-literally,  freeze myself for a sec and show my best smile as I don't know any in Korean language how to reply their friendly greetings! LOLS.

Anyways, the word of Mujigae itself means "Rainbow" in English and once you enter the resto you can see they use many different pretty colors for their interior just like the rainbow.

I think this two floors resto size is small to medium but they work around it by placing a wall size mirror which is a smart way to gives bigger size effect to the resto rooms.

Below is at the second floor picture.

On each table they installed an iPad as you can see on the picture above and below.
These iPads function is to see their menus and you can also order your foods directly from it. Once you are done, you can check your bill with it too.

Btw, that's my 2.5yo second niece Aurelia in the pict below while waiting for the foods she ordered. We called her Cici Au actually, and yes her auntie had to lock her baby pict, sorry!

You wont need to wait too long for the foods but while waiting or enjoying your foods, you might want to listen to Korea songs or watch Korea movies? you can find list of Korea music vid or movies on these iPads which you can request and then you can watch later on one of  those hanging huge infocus framed projectors on their walls.

Or do you like those Korea peps cute style on their pictures? well in this resto you have a change to make your own korean style pict version. Simply take pictures with the iPad on your table and edit them anyway you want, like my 3.5yo niece- Salma, did.

You can share the picts with the rest of people in the room through those projectors but if that's not enough, you can also log in to your Twitter or Facebook and share the picts through the iPad or do you want to keep the picture for yourself? no worries, you can always directly email the pict to your email with the iPad.

If you need a waiter, you can call them and they will take or confirm your orders with their iPods that connects to the iPads on your table.

After several visits, I must say Mujigae serves healthy foods and drinks  yet with affordable prices.

Foods were finally arrived. I liked all their foods, but I think the best from their menus is their drinks. I love love love their drinks A LOT! Should I say it again? and they are so addictive!!!

I liked their platings and how they served the food too. I've took some shots and here they are:


You cant come to Mujigae without order their Bibimbaps.

Bibimbap is a popular dish in Korea, literally means Mix rice. With its healthy foods proportion; 40% rice, 40% veggies and 20% meat makes the dish also a part of  Korean balance life style.

How do think most Koreans gets their slim figures hein? :)

 Spicy Dolsot bibimbap & Korean fried chicken IDR 38.182

They have many version of Bibimaps on their menu list which comes with different toppings and different meats and veggies. Since I am spicy foods lover, I ordered Spicy Dolsot bibimbap & Korean fried chicken .

The Fried chicken wasn't spicy at all but the gochujang [the red sauce] IS. The KFC [Korean Fried Chicken] is actually sweet. chewy and yummmy. I liked the Kimchi too although I think they should add more Kimchi to its portion heheh.

How to eat Bibimbap correctly is by mixing them all together. Add the gochijang into the hotstone bowl and mix all together while your bibimbap is still hot like I did.
The egg needs to be half cook like so- locals here called telor ceplok btw, so that the egg will blend easily with the rise, the meat and the veggies when you mix them together with the sauce. You can add the Kimchi also to rich the flavor if you like and get that crunchy savory sensasion on your bibimbap or just eat it separately.

Oh I must warn you, the gochiang is quite spicy so you might not want to use all the sauce and I dunno the green veggie names but it tasted verrrry good. Love it!

 Dolsot Bibimbap and fried Oden Mix  IDR 37.237 

I also like to recommend the Dolsot Bibimbap and fried Oden Mix.

The fried oden actualy tastes so so in my opinion, same like those they serves in Hokben- the Japanese Resto but my brother in law likes it verrry much and I ordered it anyways coz I think its not bad to have something chewy as your side dish. :P

Are you also noodle fans like me? then try Ramyun if you do. Its the Korean noodle.

Classic spicy Ramyun with fried Oden Mix  IDR 35.455 

I've tried their classic spicy ramyun and love it and again, I ordered the food with Korean Fried Oden. Haha. 

Oh, you might also want to try The Classic Ramyun. 

Spicy Classic Ramyun IDR 28.182

You can order the original or the spicy one like shown in the picture above.

These korean noodles might not look pretty but they are actually yummy. The noodles and the broth are so tasty. Nom nom.

Fried Rice.

What I fav most from Mujigae menus besides their bibimaps is their Korean Fried Rice.

 Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice with Korean Fried Chicken  IDR 44.546

My second niece, Cici Au was busy eating AND playing her Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice with Korean Fried Chicken she ordered.

You know, I never have kids-not yet :P, but I have  these two little nieces and one nephew and they are always suprise me everytime I meet and play with them and I just come to understand that even babies today are already have their own head and they use it too! hahahaha.

She didnt even let me snap her food either lols. Look how blur the pict I tried to snap below.

The fried rice btw, was REALLY yummy. Yep, after a lil bit fighting with this lil monster, I managed to taste her fried rice. :P

Anyways, this fried rice to me, tasted like nasi goreng kambing [Lamb fried Rice] which I also fav. Oh I planned to share my Lamb Fried rice recipe on my next post btw, stay tune? :)


Last one dish I also tried are those dishes in packages, called Bulgogi.

Bulgogi + Korean Fried Chicken IDR 38.182  
 Spicy Bulgogi + Korean Fried Chicken IDR 39.091

Bulgogi itself is the most popular variety of Korea barbeque.

They have special bulgogi [only beef so you will have to order everything else separately] but also bulgogy packages.

In Bulgogi package I ordered, I got Rice, Japche [fried rice vermicelli], Kimchi and Korean fried Chicken and ofc beef, all in one package.
Korean beef known for its quality and the beef in this bulgogi package was very tender means they know how to cook it but in my opinion the beef and the Japche tasted just so so.


Now go to my favorite part of their menu, the drinks! . 

 Red Velvet sea salt  IDR 19.091

Above is my number one fav from the resto, called Red velvet sea salt. It made from beetroot. Its fresh, savoury and healthy.

Some might not really like the taste but this red vevet sea salt is my winner.  My sister loves it too.

Beetroot has amazing health benefits. The dark purple skin and pink/purlple flesh vegetable root has good nutritient content, it protects your heart, bones and body, it also wellknown as body detoxifier. I should post about later maybe because not only I just love the color but also it is also classifies as super food. 

Sea salt also good for health. I am glad that I can find sea salt easily at my place. Due to its taste, texture and how it processed, I am much prefer to use sea salt than table salt. I have browsed a lot about sea salt since last year actually just not have a change to write what I found and share it here yet but I will one day, soon I hope!

Back to my fav drinks at Mujigae, 

Red Velvet Sea salt  IDR 19.091 | Green Tea Sea Salt  IDR 19.091 
Matcha Avocado  IDR 23.637

In the picture above; Red Velvet Sea Salt on the left, the green one on the right is Green Tea Sea Salt, Matcha Avocado in the middle and Lemon sea salt on the image below. 

Being not a huge fan of coffee, I found the Matcha Avocado is tidak enak. Hahahaha! Tidak enak means not yummy in English. 
I like Avocado and avocado juice actually and while some of you outside Java or Indo not so familiar with Avocado juice, here in Bandung its one the iconic juice of  the city BUT mixing avocado with mocca is just WRONG, imo .:D

On the other side, I just looove love love these trio Red Velvet Sea Salt, Green Tea Sea Salt and The Lemon Sea Salt. I can not not having them everytime I come to this resto. You can say I am addicted to these drinks! and I liked how they serves it in big glass like that. Its so nice to look at and I just love big portion lols. 

Lomon Sea Salt  IDR 19.091

That was me and my second nice on the race pulling up the bottle. She thought it was a toy. See how tight she hold the bottle? Lols I just love teasing her and make her screaming. #Evilgrind

And thats how you drink it, you'll need to pull the bottle up and let all the juice out and then mix it well with the milk cream before you drink it. This lemon sea salt taste so refresing. 

Another refreshing drink I like to recommend is ...

Manggo yakult fizz  IDR 19.091

Manggo yakult fizz and also Korean Lemonade which failed to be snapped thanks to my angel Cici Au who accidentaly fell it to the floor and also made her white skirt all wet with the drink. :) 

Love spending time with my fam.

Me always enjoyed my visits and the foods at Mujigae and so is my fam but like I said earlier, Mujigae is young targeted market and based on my experiences with my big fam, its not kids friendly although they provide baby chair, balls to play with but with gadgets on every table- unless you can tame your kids, you will really have to watch them to make sure they wont break anything. I know I come there with my nieces and nephew once or twice but that's usually because we were back from the game center they like, which not far from the resto or else place near the mall but each time was a challenge. :D :P

Some of memorable snaps,

My sister in law did really busy taming these little monsters in one of their scenes. O.o

So thats my review for Mujigae.

Their  foods are excellent but I personally like their drinks better! I like the resto concept too.

I have one complain though as on my visits several times to Mujigae, for some technical reasons, I didn't get the bill recites- their cashier machine was broken or system error or something like that, so I was kinda forced to pay what ever amount they told me.

Bill recite prob not that important for some but as someone who is also in service and selling biz, I think it is a rule and an ethic to make sure all costumers get their bill recite on each transaction to make the trade fair and its just ironic for a resto with hi-tech concept they applied had to have prob with their systems and not fix them right away.

Anyway, overall I always had good time at Mujigae. Just hope I wont need to get the same experience with the bill things later on my next visits.

Please note also that- like my other reviews, no body pay me to do this so you can say it is independent review but also subjective as it is based on my personal experiences but hope this post is informative enough for those food lovers who needs reference for their culinary trip destination.

Time for me and my three lill monsters, Salma and Cici Au also Suju Farrel- my 1.5yo nephew, say bye bye roarr roarrrr. :D

Well, I'll be hectic with work but will try to update my blog soonish! 

in the mean time lets sing Kiyomi 귀요미송 and dance! (=^-')v

Cihampelas Walk
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