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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Indonesia. Image Copyright by Ario Wibisono source 500px.com

Indonesia will celebrate its 67th independence on August 17th, 2012.

After 67 years of Independence, Indonesia has made lots of progress but on the same time, the country is struggling to cope with various nation problems; corruption, poverty etc.

There's still many good reason for Indonesians to stay optimist and proud of their country as we fought for our freedom, it didn't handed to us. Hope Indonesia will keep on progressing in the future with cleaner and better government, prosperous society with lots of love and peace.  

In the meanwhile, take a look some of unique ways of celebrating independence day tradition in Indonesia.

Panjat Pinang

image source: web

Introduced to the Indonesians by Dutch colonies as form of entertainment, Panjat pinang or the Pole climbing is one of the oldest most popular tradition in Indonesia. 

Climbing a fairly high and slippery pole for present on the top sure not easy. Contestants usually work together and split the prizes.

Although the game might teach people to work together to reach and work hard to reach their goals and some might find it fun to watch too but on the other hand, cutting down the nut-tree also caused the environmental issue and because of its colonial origins- while others want to keep the tradition, some wants to ban the practice are prob some of the controversy surround Panjat Pinang has made this race can not always be found on Independence day celebration in many cities or villages in Indonesia these days? Well, I don't find Panjat pinang on my neighborhood anymore that for sure.

Balap Karung

image source: web

Another popular race on independence day in Indonesia is sack race or balap karung in local.
This challenging race is not just for kids, people in any age can play it.

Lomba Bakiak

 (Foto istimewa) via geDoor.com

Popular among peoples in central Java, bakiak is traditional sandal made from palm woods with mild foot-binding (slop) from old tires nailed on both side, bakiak is very cheap. Commonly used by women when traveling and was very popular during difficult economic times back then.

So popular that it gave ideas to people to create a race out of it and the bakiak race have become part of tradition races on Indonesian independence day celebration since.

The Bakiak specially designed elongated with two to five slops makes up to 5 peoples possible to wear one bakiak on the same time for the race. 

As you can see on the pic above, its not an easy task to walk or run with it together on the same time to the finish line or you will fall.

Lomba makan krupuk


There's funny saying about cracker rice or krupuk, "not eat rice without krupuk is like a kiss without love" Haha.

This popular cracker is so loved by many locals and its not a surprise if they come up with cracker eating race to make the Independence celebration lots of fun.

There's still many traditions- wish I could post them all, but I am running out of time here so I just highlighted some of them. Ehehehehe :p

It will be interesting to know how you celebrate the independence day at your place, btw. :)

And yay, I am almost 40 minutes away from August 17th here now. I guess its not too early to say Happy birthday Indonesia! Merdekaaaaa!

stay tune for more updates from Mignonesia. #wink

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