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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Hello Hello my reader and visitor!!!^^

Yes am still alive! HAHA

Must first apology for the silent here at Mignonesia tho- not only I've been busy with work but also was too stress to get something out of my head thanks to my achy breaky heart episode UGH but woooooories not! am fine now - I pamper myself with skin treatment and I thought why not share here at MIG, The homemade body scrub a la mwaaah! :D
I am not fan of make up so I prefer skin treatment instead. I think when we have nice healthy looking skin we can reduce the use of make up to minimum.
In my case, I can live with only face powder, foundation and lipstick, most of the time only lip gloss and am ready to go.

I love love love scrubbing my skin with traditional scrub at home with my homemade scrub. I can spend half day doing it and enjoy every minute of it. Its really really relaxing and from my experience, its therapeutic also- all stress gone!!! so more I got stress more I become beautiful! wkwkwkwkwkw

No seriously really, I've been doing it since I was eleven years old so its kinda ritual for me actually but of course am not the first one who did it.

Scrub or Lulur in Bahasa, has always been a part of the beauty care of Javanese Royal families. The pursuit of beauty has long been a daily ritual. The queen of treatments literally, an integral step, this exfoliation and polishing treatment has been practice in places from central Java to Bali since the 17th century. 
This type of traditional cosmetics made ​​from the collision of rice, turmeric, ginger,jasmine extract, and coconut oil. Everything is raw material derived from various Indonesian typical plants.
Lulur has remarkable softening effect on the skin, leaving the skin soft, supple and shining.

Anyway, my homemade scrub skin/body is definitely chemical free, safe for routine usage, inexpensive and you can even find some some ingredients on your frig.

My skin looks great, I feel clean, fresh and smell like paradise after so I totally recommend it to you! :)

Here's the ingredient:

For every 30 grams of  Lulur putih (white scrub powder) and Lulur kuning ( yellow scrub powder), add:
3 tsp Honey
2 tsp warm green tea
4 tsp cucumber juice
1 tsp orange juice

1.  Mix Lulur putih  or lulur kuning with lemon juice, cucumber juice and warm green tea and make a paste.
2. Take the mixture of  Lulur in sufficient amount apply on  your hands, legs, neck and other body skin areas and message them for few minutes and let it dry- about 30 to 60 minutes
3. After drying properly cleaned or shower with warm water, and finally rinsed with cold water, without using soap.
4. Dry the entire face and body with a towel.
5. Apply body lotion or body butter to keep your skin  moist after (very important).

So much work you said? well magic wand doesn't exist sweetie, boo hoo! so why not let me me tell you what are benefits you can get from it okay. I have gathers all info for better explanation just for you so sit back, read on and do it LOL. :)
Trust me its worthed. Dita approves! Ahem :)


Lulur Putih and Lulur Kuning I use are lulur bubuk or better known as Lulur kering or dry lulur, made from rice powder, tumeric, sandal woods, kolor, mung beans, cinnamon, temu lawak (wild ginger), temu giring (medical ginger), Delem leaves and Gambi Flowers.
The paste carries a fruity aroma with a tinge of spice. It leaves the skin smooth and smell like heaven.
By the way, I prefer White lulur tho as I don't like the yellow color stains on my nails that's would still stay there even until the next day after using the Yellow Lulur but both are good for your skin tho and you should choose it based on your skin condition.

I can not not adding cucumber to my lulur. Its just a must list. Not only because it has wonderful cooling and soothing effect, there's also many others benefits for my skin; its astringent could brighten the skin, its hydrogen  that shares the same level with our skin and silica in cucumber juice makes skin silky smooth in no time and not to mention its anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties. Besides the high water and nutrition that content in cucumber juice can nourish the skin and so useful to refresh while moisturizing the skin. Cucumber also rich of  silica that  improves skin complexion and glow.


Well I cant skip lemon either haha. Applying cucumber juice and lemon juice to your face can helps brighten a dull complexion, that's one thing . In general fresh lemon juice can make your skin brighter and softer. Lemon juice  fades freckles and age spot. You can use it as toner on your oily skin. It can also remove dead skin cell and refresh your skin. It  shrinks pores and removes nearly a ll type of acne.

Awww..Green tea is my fav also and its much more than jut a  flavored water in a cup, green tea also benefits your skin, helping you to maintain a healthy younger look because it has an anti-aging ingredient. 
The antioxidant contains in green tea is used to clear cell damage on the skin, repairing what may have turned into wrinkles, blemishes and other impurities. Green tea can very effectively reduce the damage UV rays do to your skin as it interact with skin cells by preventing sunburn and can very quickly rejuvenate your skin.


I think honey is queen of skin care and am loving it! I like to pamper myself with honey mask or mixture it with other natural ingredients. 
Its a sweet treat for skin, a natural humectant that helps you keep your skin moisturized without oiliness .
A source of antioxidant, antibacterial and hygroscopic ( when exposed to air, it naturally absorbs moisture in from the air) are the three keys of honey.  Honey maintains  suppleness and elasticity.
Whether you have problem with your skin or not , you can always use honey as main or mixture ingredient  as your natural remedy for your skin.

Before you start scrubbing and try my homemade scrub recipe, here's some useful tips for you
* Scrub your body regularly, twice a week for best result.
* Best time for scrubbing your skin is either in the morning or after noon.
* Take a bath before you scrubbing your body  with dry lulur and make sure your skin in clean condition.
* After the scrub dry, rub gently  with circle movements
* Want to be more relax? soak in the sensation of  warm water mixed with handful mixed of flowers (roses, jasmine, sliced of Pandan leaves (Pandanus leaves) and few drops of essential oil and do not forget to drink water afterward to avoid dehydration


Personal experience


  1. ohhh I love natural scruba but not sure can get all that ingredients here..hmmm will check in herbal markets
    Thanks dear Dita n love ya

  2. @Fatma
    Oh you can replace the rice powder with oatmeal- I did it also and the result is great!
    Thank you for the visit and the feedback Fatma, Love ya too, sweetie! ^^

  3. Hi Dita

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Haven't seen you for a while. I hope you've coped well with your achy breaky heart episode :)

    I find this an interesting post. I am not so much into body scrub but this has been an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.


  4. @ Spoon and Chopstick

    hehehe ya I was kinda disappear but am back now and survive :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment! ^^

  5. I LOVE this stuff! I totally agree with this.Not sure if it helps with cellulite or not.. But I don,t really care I just love the feeling of my skin after I use it.

  6. Want help to reduce that double chin?
    The ChinUp Mask can help to reduce the appearance of fat around the chin while hydrating the skin.


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